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ISFJ – The SUPPORTER / Curator / Protector

🌺 Most Loyal

(13.8% world-wide) (8.1% ♂︎ //  19.4% ♀︎) The Polite caretaker // Philanthropist

NATURAL: A high sense of duty
: to Harmonize.

ISFJs are quiet, stable & practical, valuing security & traditions. Characteristically humble and unassuming, they rarely call attention to themselves. Typically involved in social groups, but not wanting the spotlight, they’re more likely to be found behind the scenes, working diligently to fulfill their role.

With a rich inner world, keen observers of people, they’re highly attuned to the feelings of others. Being conscientious & committed to meeting their obligations, they tend to put the needs of others ahead of their own. They’re oriented to relationships, but can be reserved with new people, are compassionate listeners, and typically remember details about people. They often enjoy hearing the facts of someone’s life in the process of making a connection.

ISFJs have a well-developed sense of space & function, being patient people who apply common sense & experience to solving problems for other people, usually very interested in finding ways to be of practical service. (More….)

They’re : accountable, easy to collaborate with, dependable, empathetic, friendly, grounded, patient, respectful, sacrifice readily, shallow, talkative, traditional, work behind the scenes, understanding, unique


 Hidden side : They’re more open-minded than they seem. While extremely cautious with strangers, they’re willing to try understanding others, regardless of differences.
They’re the most fantasy-prone of any Sensing type, with a love for lore & literary analysis – as a way for them to keep in touch with traditions

They’re a lot more laid back than most profiles say, & some ISFJs have a tendency to give up on things they should keep at, while sticking to things they should give up on.
They take what they do very seriously, but also need a lot of downtime, being highly sensitive to sensory & social input

• Life’s Purpose : Help those who are helpless.
• Their Law : You shall always take care of your family.
• They Comfort others by saying: I’m really sorry. Is there anything I can do to make it better?

• They Say : These rules suck! Only a fool goes along with them! I’m very dependable. …. no, no, it’s okay.
Catchphrase : There’s no place like home

Communication : Advice – Stop talking about taking care of someone. They might talk to others, but they’re rather shy, so they have to be approached. It’s worth it.

Weaknesses : Take things too personally, being less efficient, too stressed /paranoid,
Manipulate : Passive-aggressive guilt-trip you so you feel obligated to go along with their micro-managing

Paradoxes : Mostly consistent. Understanding AND lonely. Imaginative BUT grounded
Value: Safety            • Fear : of being dismissed

Judge people for: their selfishness
Are Judged for : belittling others’ emotions

STRESSED by situations in illustration.
They 🎤 : Move %*#-, get out of my way!

Under stress (Phlegmatic-Melancholy) ISFJs have the tendency to lose themselves in emotional & moral commitments, seeing themselves as indispensable to & an intrinsic part of the cause they’re identified with.
At this point they can become self-sacrificing martyrs whose only purpose is the happiness & well-being of others. They can end up in bad relationships where they’re willingly being used & put in a service-oriented position

In extreme circumstances they’ll become accusatory & pessimistic, tending to think the worst & shut down.  As their stress increases they begin to cling to others, trying to keep them attached by undermining their independence, but offering them unconditional care & support instead.
At the same time, ISFJs hide their own feelings & vulnerabilities, unconsciously building more frustration. They can become intolerant about whatever doesn’t fit their view of life, rejecting reality, even fiction that doesn’t agree with their values of feelings & purpose.

Hate : being misunderstood, pretentious & unfairness, being chased, inconsiderate people, not fitting in, not sharing, making tough decisions affecting others, an overly cocky bad-boy (who she eventually marries 🙀), asking for help because it make them feel like they’re burdening others

Don’t argue with ISFJ while they’re keeping : a promise
Never : neglect them   • Never tell them : “I wish you wouldn’t talk to me or try to help me

Advice : There’s a line between being nice & being a doormat.

ISFJs may be overly cautious, not always considering the logical consequences of their decisions. They can lack assertiveness, & risk basing their decisions on what they think will please others.

ISFJs can benefit from learning to discover, understand & fulfill their own needs, the same way they do for others. They need to assess their opinions & goals against reality, & gauge the strength of their commitments, to keep them balanced & reasonable.

ISFJ Relationships
YOU : are generally dependable, make a good ‘caretaker’, are committed to your partners, friend & groups you belong to. You honor commitments & like to preserve traditions. Your relationship superpower is Listening.

Thrive in any that are: stable & long-lasting

• As a friend, you’re the undying loyal one who’s like a good grandparent, the one who plans the party, is there, oversees it, talks to everyone, cleans up, goes home – & them obsesses about not having done it perfectly

Annoyed with: anyone who belittles your emotions

ISFJ Parent / child of ISFJ parent, ISFJ child  (ALSO….)

Still single because : too much of a ‘safe’ option to others
Unhealthy behavior : giving a $100 1-week anniversary gift

Show interest by : lots of little looks & smiles
Show love by : taking care of practical needs, do little nice things to help

• You want to hear : I appreciate you
• You’re attractive/sexy because : you have a tender heart but also a hidden strength. You radiate an intense love of sensuality, with that smitten smile & discreet charm, that makes them melt

• You should date : someone who can force you to relax & practice self-care, can teach you to worry less & go with the flow, who enjoys you taking care of them

To attract you : they need to act like a super-hero/heroin BUT who also needs you to take care of them. You’ll jump at the chance to nurture their reckless spirit (Your turn-on)

• Some famous ISFJ : Kristi Yamaguchi, Johnny Carson, Laura Bush, Kate Middleton, Rosa Parks, Princess Mary of Denmark, King George VI, Mother Teresa


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