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from TOXIC people

Normally I’m not fond of cutesie, ‘uplifting’ saying, but I know some of us are still struggling with the belief that it’s unkind & selfish to disengage (whatever that means for you) from unhealthy people who do not take responsibility for their damage and don’t want to /can’t yet do the hard work of Recovery.

So I’m posting a bunch of statements about permission, in the hope
that they may be of encouragement to make some changes this year.

leave toxics


angry people

poison people

let them go

allowed to leavesoul therapy

fresher air

god says drop

god says drop

your worth it

4 thoughts on “PERMISSION to LEAVE

  1. I enjoy the content of your posts. At times, it is hard following the material. Not because of lack of intelligence on my part. It’s the abbreviations. I usually have to open a tab with your lexicon, regarding abbreviations, in order to grasp your posts.

    The abbreviations may make it easier to write, but they are a bear for me, one of your long-term readers. Would it be possible, to write the phrases/terms out? It would provide greater clarity, and peace of mind. It’s just a request.

    Once again, I love what you have to say and agree with your insights. I, too, attend Al-Anon Family Groups and am grateful for the tremendous help it provides.


    • Thank you for your comments & your loyal following.
      I’m sorry you are uncomfortable with the acronyms. In most posts, any new abbrev. is included in the beginning of a topic, which should help. I know many ACoAs have dyslexia or ADD, but long term readers recognize the ones repeated over & over, like S-H, PMES, TEA, WIC, PP…. And using them helps to keep the posts a reasonable length.


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