ACoAs: Healthy RULES (Part 3)

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a new life, a better life !!”


SITE: Healthy Family Rules



As mentioned in the last post, these statements are for the Healthy Adult & Loving Parent parts of our psyche – to know better ways to take care of our Inner Child.
Each statement can be used as an inventory:
a. Resistance:
• why do I NOT want to include this in my life?
• what do I think will happen if I follow this idea?
• what do I need to give up in order to incorporate this?
b. Willingness:many Qs
• what do I need to have / do, before I can use this ?
• how can I implement this concept into my life?
• who can I ask for help with it?
• who do I know who already lives this?
c. Results:
• what happens when I act on this concept?
• how is it different from what I assumed or projected?
• what do I need to do, to increase this principle in my life?
OF COURSE – If you can add questions to this list – please do.

NEXT: Safe & Unsafe People



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