ACoAs: Healthy RULES (Part 2)

Snever give up
Will you take care of me, Good Parent?\


SITE: How To Never Give Up On… (CHART)



Part 2 & 3 list statement that have been accumulated from years of Recovery experience. They’re geared to the Healthy Adult / Loving Parent parts of our higher self – so we can know how to take care of our wounded and healthy Inner Children, in the best possible ways.

❀ YES, we have a broken heart!  What’s more painful to a child than not feeling loved by their parents?   BUT NOW – to be happy, we need to:
• accept who our family really was & is
• believe in every fiber that we did not cause our abuse & neglect
• accept that now we’re individually responsible for our lives
• know that we have the ability to outgrow much of the damage, but not all completely
• consistently apply mental health truths to our lives

❀ We all live by rules, whether we like to admit it or not.
• Some ACoAs were so neglected they think they weren’t taught any rules.  No, not good ones, but we did pick up all the Toxic Rules!
• Others of us were so constricted by rules & regulations, we nearly choked to death on them.
In either case we tend to shy away from rules, or have raging hatred for them. And yet we are run by the bad ones, as long as they stay hidden from us and we don’t challenge them.

❀ So here are a few Healthy Rules to try out, & apply to our every-day living.
Think about each one, carefully.
Pick one & try it out for a month. See what happens. Then try another….

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