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QUOTE: “You can make more friends in 2 months by being interested in other people, than in 2 years trying to get others interested in you.” ~ Dale Carnegie



✦ With you in UP and DOWN times
A true friend shows up. They don’t care if it’s inconvenient, uncomfortable, or maybe a little dangerous, but they will show up – the friend that’s given you unwritten permission to call 3am if you need to, & they’re available
THEY – don’t disappear when the going gets rough
– will be right by your side, offering a listening ear & loving support
– are authentically happy when you’re happy & successful
– celebrate with & are proud of you

✦ Have empathy – A best friend can actually feel what you’e going through – because they’ve been there too. Or, they simply relate to you on such a deep level so they can deeply understand

Loyal – A true friendship is be grounded in trust & loyalty. You can have faith they’ll never betray your trust, talk behind your back, or diminish you in front of others.They don’t disappear when someone ‘better’ comes along. Your best friend has your back! No matter the situation, you know they’ll make themselves available

Want you to succeed & be happy – A true friend is going to root for you no matter what, because they know everyone is different, & everyone has a different path with different gifts & talents.
SO – they’re not jealous, because they understand you’re being true to yourself &, they’re also doing what’s right for themselves, so you can celebrate each other without jealousy or animosity. BUT – Even if they do have a twinge of jealousy / envy, they’ll make an effort to keep those feelings from  minimizing your abilities or from spoiling your joy!

✦ Encouraging – Your bestie adores you (even thinks you’re awesome) & is there to give you a boost when you’re feeling low. As your personal cheerleader, they’ll remind you of your accomplishments & all the great things you have to offer the world, always focusing on your positive qualities


✦ “Telepathic” – Your best friend has the uncanny ability to read your mind before the words pop out of your mouth. Just by exchanging a glance, you both know exactly what the other is thinking – having hared many experiences.
NOTE: It’s NOT co-dependent, which is assuming they’re the same as you, but rather knowing who you are, with similarities as well as your differences

Listen & show interest –  A real friend invests the time to listen carefully to who you are, connecting to your inner life. They can ‘do’ light, but also go beyond superficial conversation & meaningless chit-chat. They pay attention to what you say about yourself with imposing their point of view or immediately talk about themselves

Wants you to be better – A true friends is a safe confidant, but can also be a role model for things you admire in them. Being around them make you grow. They’re happy to share their experience & insights because they want you to be the best you can be & they’re happy to help

Make equal effort to stay connected – A true friend makes your friendship a priority. They happy to invests equal time & energy into maintaining the relationship – initiating plans, reaching out to talk….. so you don’t have to chase after them to stay connected

Respects your opinions, even when disagreeing = A true friend are comfortable with small differences between you – in tastes & preferences, & is willing to rise above a very deeply held feeling or opinion you have that’s not like theirs – in order to preserve the friendship. They can listen & respond respectfully without making personal judgments or attacks.


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