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ESFP – The PERFORMER / Entertainer / Demonstrator

Most GREGARIOUS  – “Dramatic spotlight”
• 10.1% females, 6.9% males

GOAL: To conquer. 
ESFPs are Active Types who live in a world of possibilities, drawn to new experiences, since they view the world as a stage.  They’re playful & love being the center of attention. Excellent team players, they’re focused on completing tasks with the most fun & least discord. Traditional schoolwork can be hard, since they don’t like theory or impersonal analysis, but will do well when a subject interests them, or when they see its practical relevance.

ESFPs love to talk to people & about people (endlessly), & are some of the most colorful storytellers. But annoyingly they can jump from thought to thought in mid-sentence. And they love anything / everything new.

They’re also interested in being of service, great at working together with others to get things done, making things more pleasurable for others by their own enjoyment. They have well-developed common sense & practicality (S). They’re often in the role of peacemaker because of their warm, sympathetic & tactful nature. Rarely following convention, they find creative ways to help, being especially good at mobilizing people in crises. (More….)

• They’re : accepting, colorful, daring, generous, optimistic, persuasive, reckless, sociable, spontaneous, theatrical.  But not all like to perform.
They – cut thru red tape, share readily, juggle many projects, love surprises

Hidden side
Of all the Feeling types, ESFPs often have the most trouble dealing with emotions – not good at facing their own psychological issues because they tend to minimize problems. However, their Feeling side does shows up – in their genuineness – not playing games with others’ feelings or pretending to be someone they’re not, in order to be liked. Their natural confidence is usually enough to win friends & influence people.

Life’s Purpose: Making lively that which has become dull
• Their Law: “You shall always have fun
• They Comfort others by saying: I hear there’s really good karaoke bar in town

• They Say: I enjoy the good things in life – physical comfort & happy times.  Seize the day. Is there a fine for breaking the rules? OK I’ll pay that. SURE, but I can’t physically calm down right now!
• Communication: They’ll talk to anyone & everyone, as long as they feel the other person isn’t too intimidating to approach. They should stop talking about partying.

Weaknesses: Arrogant, conflict-averse, easily bored, impatient, poor long-term planners, over-sensitive
Manipulate: Everything has to be about having fun. Just went bankrupt? Not to worry – let’s go out, get drunk, find some ‘entertainment’….

Paradoxes: (Un-developed ESFP) Exciting & visionless. In tune with their environment, & oblivious to what’s really going on
Judge people: by their values   • Fear: Not being appreciate
Are Judged for: needing too much attention

Become STRESSED from situations shown in the illustration.
Under stress, ESFPs need space to figure things out. They’ll get overwhelmed by negative thoughts & projecting negative outcomes. First they’re likely to feel depressed & disinterested, with diminished physical & emotional energy. Then become self-absorbed & indifferent to other’s needs, finally leaving their current situation altogether in search of a whole new alternative.

As psychological pressure increases, ESFPs can lose their individuality by acting flighty & superficial, wanting instant gratification, & disregarding the consequences of their actions. Others will see their unpredictability, as they indiscriminately go for what’s popular or trying to fit their environment, which damages their credibility.

 Hate: Boundariesbeing judged, co-dependent or lonely, lack of excitement. Not being to express themselves. People asking them “But, why?” to everything they say. Anyone them how to live their lives in great detail – or worse, drone on & on about it at a social gathering where the ESFP just wants to relax.
Asking for help because it makes them think they won’t be able to learn it

Don’t argue with ESFPs when they’re holding: a Celebration
• Never: Belittle you.  • Never tell them: I don’t like you

Advice: Don’t fall for sweet words. look for ‘right’ actions
ESFPs are the life of the party, but need to find healthy ways to have fun. It’s important to say ‘no’ to unnecessary experience, make wiser choices & try not to jump in impulsively, or they’ll be vulnerable to being taken advantage of. It’s best to stick to those who really care about them, whether they’re feeling happy or sad.

ESFPs can get easily distracted, not always finishing what they start & so have trouble meeting deadlines. It will help if they focus on a purpose that satisfies their inner values, figuring out their own priorities & what really matters to them, ignoring current trends.

ESFP Relationships (More….)
You love life, enjoying food & clothes, animals & human companionship. Partners & friends see you as supportive, fun-loving & spontaneous

Thrive in any that are: exciting & exploring (More…)
• As a Friend, you’re the one who gets excited by everyone & everything.
• Annoyed when: someone’s a total buzzkill

ESFP parent, child of  ESFP, ESFP child

Still single because: it’s what you want to be
Unhealthy behavior: Keep complaining “You don’t love me!”

Show interest by: Making a complete fool of yourself – but in a cute way
Show love: You listening to them warmly, paying attention to practical needs
• You want to hear: I notice you

• You’re attractive/sexy because you’re : radiant, glowing with vivacity, with an added earthy ‘I know what I’m doing’ vibe. Your inner strength & pure willpower are very attractive & admirable

• You should DATE someone who: can handle your spontaneity & let you be yourself, but can keep you in line. Who can help you take things more seriously & organize your sometime messy life

• To attract you, someone needs to: look good, make it clear they’re available & then wait a while. Your natural ‘people curiosity’ will eventually drive you to go after them

• Some Famous ESFPs: Adele, Arsenio Hall, Deepak Chopra, Goldie Hawn, Janie Foxx, Marilyn Monroe, Tony Robbins, Stephen Spielberg


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