Enneagram ARROWS (Types 5, 6)

(Types 3, 4)




ūüíü¬†Type 5¬†under STRESS
With stress, you take on characteristics of the unhealthy Type 7. ¬†One way that shows up is that you can¬†feel pressured to relate & talk to people, while on the inside you’re ¬†counting the minutes until you can escape & retreat to your own private space.

Another version is for the 5 to be scattered, frantic, even clingy Рtrying to feel safe. Your usual calm presentation becomes tight & stiff, as you try to manage functioning while being distracted, disorganized & disoriented.

As you become more fearful you’ll ¬†white-knuckle everything in your life ‚Äď resources, time, energy…. becoming harsh & condescending toward others,¬†maybe even frivolous, often selfish & self-focused – truly hurting those you care about.

It might also show up as the frantic 5 – instead of your usual reserve –¬†distorting the 7’s outgoing, gregarious style by compulsively¬†being the life of the party, talking up a storm when you get exited about something.

‚ô•ÔłŹ 5s, at your absolute best, you find energy, inner strength & the confidence of the healthy Type 8. But the shift¬†may be quite dramatic. As a quiet & somewhat withdrawn 5 you become more body-based, more assertive, even intense in the way you express yourself.

How wonderful for a somewhat detached, mental type to access the instinctual gut vitality & (potential) grounded-ness of the 8.
You trade the role of Observer for Engager in social situations & start to share more¬†of who you are. While this surprising change can be quite a challenge for the friend or partner, showing up this way is a gift to those around you who long to know the parts you generally hide. ‚¨ÜÔłŹ¬†Full art explanation¬†

The 8 helps you trust that you have enough info, plus the guts & energy to make it through tough times, rather than operating from scarcity. You focus on positive changes, supporting the efforts of others & making a difference in the world.
8 provides a lot of good energy, if managed well. Some 5s use this arrow-line regularly in physical activities such as sports, martial arts, or a committed outdoor lifestyle.

¬Ľ¬†GROWTH Inventory :
a. The 8 arrow line also indicates a deep shadow of enormous personal power & the ability to take up a great deal of space, even more than most people can inhabit. So as a 5,
— how do you use the amount of deep and rich power that is potentially yours?
b. And what about the 8’s ability to move into a larger space & fill the territory?
— what would it look like if you could be big, rather than keeping yourself small?
ūüíü¬†Type 6¬†under STRESS
As you start sliding downward, you start to look like the low side of Type 3s.¬†You either become completely passive, blindly following authority, or¬†arrogant & competitive, in¬†frantic action or anxious striving.¬†You may present the image of having it all together – while over-doing everything. Afraid of not being successful, you won’t try new things unless you’re sure you can pull it off.

You’ll work hard to manage the increasing anxiety by controlling, restricting &/or obsessively working. ¬†When you notice pushing yourself too much, pause, breathe & actively finding ways to calm you mind. Work on managing anxiety, rather than being consumed by it.

However, the 3 anergy is responsive & adaptable, letting you quickly get into action & achieve results directly. It can be a great relief as a 6 to ‚Äújust do it‚ÄĚ, leaving behind over-thinking & doubting.¬†In business, 6s are often pulled, or pushed, into the 3 position. You can do this up to a point, but will eventually find it quite stressful. To avoid burnout or getting sick, you’ll need to get back to home base.

‚ô•ÔłŹ At your best, move towards the high side of the Type 9 by being more optimistic & relaxed. You’ll notice this shift when you ¬†drop your center of gravity from head (5,6,7) down to the belly (8,9,1),¬†literally relaxing into you body & a wider consciousness.

You’re¬†less concerned with figuring things out, & more accepting of whatever happens, trusting the universe.¬† Being¬†more emotionally open, receptive & peaceful – you¬†stop constantly scanning the environment for danger.

You become more easy-going & light-hearted by quieting the scared ‚Äúinner committee‚ÄĚ, seeing life from many different angles. You’ll be able to get in touch with your gut when making decisions,¬†trusting yourself more than the authority figures in your life. You intuition is sharper than you realize most of the time. ‚¨ÜÔłŹ¬†Full art explanation

Many 6s develop their bodies through exercise or athletics, & If you over-do things you an end up with inertia & indiscrimination. It’s also imperative for 6s to relax the mind, allowing “big-picture thinking & going with the flow” of the 9.
Joining the best of  Types 6 + 9  has the great potential of combining perceptive intellect & instinctual grounded-ness.

¬Ľ¬†GROWTH Inventory :
a. The 9 arrow line also indicates a vast shadow of peace & flow. So as a 6, — how do you express peace, flow & relaxation?
b. And what about the 9’s ability to be ok with the uncertainty that comes with multiple perspectives but without clear answers?
— Can you? How do you handle that?

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