Enneagram ARROWS (Types 7, 8)

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💟 Type 7 under STRESS
As you experience stress, you initially act more true to type – excessive pleasure-seeking & looking for distractions – to protect against underlying pain. Anything that stands in the way of your need for a positive outlook is fought against, acting more impulsive, reckless & rebellious.

If stress continues, you disintegrate to unhealthy Type 1s.  You flip from being positive & having fun (“I’m OK, you’re OK”)  TO critical & perfectionistic, progressively argumentative, judgmental & resentful, with black-&-white thinking.

Realizing you have to focus your energies if you want to accomplish anything, you impose limits on yourself & others, defending your beliefs, trying to “buckle down” to stay on track & get ‘unpleasant’ thing done. You’re brusque, grim, impatient & rigid. Judging self & others harshly, you scold & nitpick, making condescending, sarcastic comments.

You’ll also force others to get out of your way & just “do what you’re supposed to” so you can get back to the exciting, fun life you crave. You  can’t imagine how anyone would exchange fun for stillness, so you miss the emotional & mental richness of your experiences by constantly rushing from one activity to the next.

However, you might also pick up some of the structure & responsibility of Type One to step out of ‘endless options’ & focus on practical action.

♥️ #7 – At your fullest potential, you exchange an insanely fast pace for a slower, more peaceful one, experience life on a deeper level. You access the 5’s natural ability to be quiet & reflective. This is not always easy for a 7, as you may connect with some fear, or find it boring or lonely at first.

However, you do realize there’s a huge advantage to withdraw, at least temporarily, from your normal busy flow of activity & stimulation, to be able to think clearly & perceptively.

As you center yourself, you stop fearing the loss of happiness & start focusing in-depth on your interests. By sitting with your experiences, you find stability & security – inside. Not satisfied with just being in the world, you want to understand it (5).

You find peacefulness in sometimes being alone with yourself, connecting with a deep gratitude for what you already have, & enjoy living in the present, rather than always looking for future pleasures.
You hang on to meaningful  things, people & events, seeing the world as something to take care of instead of just something to use.

Grounded 7s stop consuming & start contributing more originality to the world around you, like healthy 5s. Rather than shoving more events into your bucket –  hoping it’ll fill a longing for satisfaction – you create space to value & be fascinated by what’s right in front. ⬆️ Full art explanation

» GROWTH Inventory :
a. The 5 arrow line indicates a rich shadow of stillness.
So as a 7,
— how does it feel to be still? what do you do to sill yourself?
b, And what about the 5’s ability to conserve their resources for the future?
— Are you willing ? have you been working on conserving energy, finances, relationships…. for the long term?

💟 Type 8 under STRESS
At first then 8s feel threatened, you  act more true to type – confrontational, direct, & hostile. People have to walk on eggshells so they won’t set off an  explosion.

If stress continues, you disintegrate to a negative 5, withdrawing from the world, becoming even more disconnected from your feelings. Brooding over all the problems & threats you imagine, you get stiff & cold, convinced others are out to get you.

Your big fear is losing power & feeling incompetent. To compensate, you hoard facts & information, looking for answers to protect yourself. You white-knuckle your ‘position’, refusing to entertain differing ideas, & act secretive but high-strung, while at the same time worrying about how you affect the people around you.

8s tend to be over-invested in everything, so some amount of detachment and distance can be helpful. BUT IF you stay too long in the 5’s energy, or are forces into it by overwhelming conflict or upset, you can become very shut down, leading to deep depression.

♥️ As a strong, powerful 8, you have direct access to your emotional center at the arrow-point of the healthy Type 2. At first this can be uncomfortable if you’re worried about being taken advantage of or controlled.

Emotions, even if well hidden, supply energy & create motivation in daily life. Spending time in this heart point makes you more accessible for caring contact, & better at extending empathy (which 2s are so good at). It also provides a different, yet important ‘intelligence’ for making good decisions. Emotions, even if well hidden, supply energy & create motivation in daily life

While many 8s do have a generous & caring side, it’s not easy for you to be vulnerable or receptive (both are 2-ish). Used to being assertive in the face of a world filled with conflict, it takes courage to open up & be seen as having a tender side. At your best, you can reach out to people, because you understand that vulnerability with safe people is courage, not weakness.

Having courage is a great way to use your power. By not always being on the defensive, you learn who’s trustworthy & who isn’t – by their behavior. When needed, you let others take care of you without feeling weak or at risk, which is a gift not only for you but also to those who care about you.

As you use your strength to nurture instead of fight, you influence positively, experiencing the heroism you’ve dreamed of. You relate to others as individuals & equals, being kind, compassionate & forgiving. ⬆️ Full art explanation

When comfortable in your skin, you’re more open & accepting of others’ perspectives, able to give up the need to always be right & in charge. Other’s opinions are simply that – a different opinion – not a betrayal of you.

» GROWTH Inventory :
a. The 2 arrow-line indicates a large capacity for generosity, as well as a deep concern for how others react to & are impacted by you. So as an 8,
— how are with being purely generous – without a reward?
— admit you do care how others experience you & think of you?
— admit you do care a lot about your impact on others ?

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