Enneagram ARROWS (Type 9 + Qs)

Enneagram ARROWS (TYPEs 7, 8)



💟 Type 9 under STRESS
As 9s experience stress, you start to act more true to your type – withdrawing & trying to numb yourself to the problems. You may distract yourself with fantasies or console yourself with platitudes & proverbs. You hope that if you can numb the pain you’re in you can  survive to soon see the brighter side of life.

If stress continues – when motivated by or pressured to respond to external events –  having to step out of your comfort zone to deal with problems or conflicts you can’t avoid – you’ll disintegrate to the unhealthy version of the 6. You feel anxious, insecure & overwhelmed, even paralyzed – not having enough skill or resources to handle situations well.

Instead of being tolerant & nurturing, you become rigid & over-committed, while doubt your ability to handle anything, which can make you panicky. Shifting from a typically calm demeanor TO unusual displays of temper & resentment (that can feel for you like a volcanic eruption), shocking yourself & others – OR becoming defensive & passive-aggressive.

It gets harder & harder to make decisions, so you hope that others will handle things so you can get back a peace of mind. You complain, blaming other people for you insecurities & trouble. Scrambling for something to hang on to, you may look for security in religion, institutions, authorities or friendships.

Alternatively, picking up on some of the 6’s strength, your perceptions are sharpened – instead of seeing all points of view or screening out information that’s uncomfortable or scary (the 9’s reactions), you could focus on specific trouble spots. That would let you choose between realistic / available alternatives & form a course of action.

♥️ At their best, Type 9s pick up positive characteristics of a healthy 3, moving into a much more active feeling center (2,3,4). This can sometimes be overwhelming, leading you to wonder “Who am I really?” Even so, adding the best of 3 helps you take command of your life, making  better decisions.

You exchange the role of “passive passenger” to “engaged activator”,  motivated & inner-directed. With a stronger sense of their feelings, opinions & desires, you express them regularly rather than shoving them down & then exploding later.

You find energy & drive from inside, wanting to express your interests using natural talents & learned skills, You go after your dreams by setting & achieving goals, greatly benefitting from 3-ish routines that keep you on track & in motion.

You feel more self-confident & autonomous, & take constructive actions. Not selling yourself short, you accept that you can deal with emotional upsets during periods of growth. You know the difference between destructive impulses vs. the healthy ones that can to be trusted – as you develop a steady sense of self-awareness. ⬆️ Full art explanation

Using a tennis metaphor : when you’re connected to 3 energy & you hit the ball to the 9’s side of the court (toward others) – you stop waiting for the return by hang out with it, thinking it over, ‘communing’ with the surrounding environment …. Instead, the ball comes right back because you’re more direct, & so others know who to respond to. There’s less delay & more back & forth in relationship.

Instead of living through other people, you know in your gut (9) that your presence in the world not only matters but is welcomed by others. You have a  quicker, more involved style of relating to others, able to assert yourself properly. With a greater sense of purpose & meaning to your life, you look for ways to inspire self & others. It means you can be a world-changer – connected with your vitality & authentic values.

» GROWTH Inventory :
🔺The 3 arrow-line indicates an unapologetic ambition & intense need to take action leading to results. So as a 9,
— what do you do with your own ambition that slides below the surface
— and how do you fulfill your desire to be recognized for the actions you take?CHECK-IN : Once you’ve read through all the Types & their arrows, answer the following Qs & consider which TYPE fits you the best :


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