Enneagram : Our SOUL CHILD


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(Michael SHAHAN, Kansas City, MO for each type)



♥️ The Soul Child theory uses the standard Enneagram teaching about the arrows going out from or toward our core Type, which is about taking on characteristics of the higher side of one number when we’re healthy, & the lower side of another number when stressed.
EXP: 8 takes on the best of a 2 when growing, & the ‘worst’  of a 5 when regressed.

The wounds we received in our most vulnerable early childhood years cause us to developed defenses & coping strategies that pushed us directly across the stress line & landed us permanently at the number we are now.
BUT the Soul Child theory suggests that we *were actually born more like the number we move towards in growth.*

The idea is that as we work at & improve self-development, we actually become more like the Type we were to begin with. So personal growth is both healing the wounded self, & actually reclaiming the True Self! (Michael SHAHAN, Kansas City, MO for each type)

SUGGESTIONS from Sandra Maitri :











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