Enneagram ARROWS (Types 3, 4)

ARROWS (Types 1, 2)



💟 Type 3 under STRESS
At the early signs of stress you become more true to type – extra competitive & eager to prove yourself. You try ways to stand out from the rest of your peers, but not so much that you get isolated. Working on a variety of projects becomes a way to ‘manage’ the stress, ending in exhaustion.

As you disintegrate you slide towards the low side of Type 9, you’re overwhelmed by doubt, losing interest in your own ambitions, your natural confidence & optimism slip away, losing motivation. You’ll be forced into that point by overwork & other stressors, wasting energy in unproductive busywork or totally zoning out of life & laze around – very uncharacteristic for 3s.

You can become extremely people-pleasing & begging for attention, at the cost of your integrity. It can get so bad that you turn the 3’s competitiveness & aggression on yourself, being self-neglecting, even self-destructive, looking disheveled & unkempt.

Alternatively – it’s also possible at Point 9 to slow down a bit, following more body-based rhythms of activity & rest. If you can move to the 9 before getting overwhelmed, you can benefit from the grounding & harmonizing qualities available there.

♥️ As 3s move towards the health arrow line to the high side Type 6, you become more focused & engaged with the people around you, rather than obsessed about the work that “need to get done.” You’re warmer, closer in touch with your emotions, & have a strong desire to connect with loved ones.

You commit to something outside of tasks, allowing yourself to lean on others, & accept that you’re part of a greater whole. Doing volunteer work, asking for advice from a trusted friend, or seeking wisdom from someone you admire – is encouraging.

As you’re more in touch with worries & let others to know about them – this vulnerability actually build stronger relationships. You start accepting that you’re loved for who you are, not what you’re doing or producing. This allows you to admire other people – instead of feeling pressured to always be the “best.”

You’re less competitive, not focused on impressing others, using your talents to serve the community – championing others, doing what’s best for the group, believing that we’re better off together. Through this process, you’re more connected to self & others, so feel safer.

It’s a good time to re-evaluate what success truly means to you – getting lots of things checked off the list? having thriving relationships? others’ constant approval? being your authentic self?  Your answers say a great deal about how you show up in life, relationships & at work. ⬆️ Full art explanation

» GROWTH Inventory :
a. The 6 arrow line also indicates a deep shadow of anxiety & fretting. So as a 3,
— how are you anxious & uncertain, even when you are trying to hide the angst inside, even from yourself?
b. And what about the 6’s incredible insight & depth?
—  how can you integrate this keen ability to experience, analyze & understand the complexity of the world around you? 💟 Type 4 under STRESS
When a 4 begins to slip into a less healthy space, you become more negatively 4ish – physically withdrawn, mentally confused, & emotionally sad & depressed, feeling disconnected from the rest of the world.

You think nobody understands you, you’re on an island alone & everyone’s entirely out of reach. Fantasies take over, but you get more & more depressed as you realize your fantasy world is so different from real life.

As stress increases, you fall to the unhealthy 2. Like them, you feel deeply unstable & unsure of who you are – on your own. Desperately trying to find a connection, you reach out to others to be helpful & generous, but are needy & overly-attentive – wanting to be needed as well as supported.

You hope others will realize how gifted or talented you are, & see you as a unique individual. Envy surfaces as you become even more convinced you’re defective & missing something essential.

Ironically, many 4s report that it can take too much effort to stay long in the 2ish ‘nice’ attitude. OR it can feel false, as if they’re giving up their individuality to win approval & make connections.

However, if you can choose, or at least accept, that – to be in the external environment of relationship – you’re leaving your comfort zone, you’ll handle ‘having to meet & greet people with more grace.

♥️ During periods of growth & security, 4s will begin to take on positive qualities of 1s. Feeling secure & well appreciated, your center of gravity tends to shift to the belly center (8,9,1), becoming more physically grounded & emotionally calm. 

You want to put things right & can take principled actions, rather than being sad & worrying about what’s missing. Instead of feeling victimized, or having volatile, angry outbursts, your instinctual energy is steadied & you can consistently stand up for yourself.

You have clarity about who you are & where you’re going, so become less dependent & obsessed about the past. Instead, you live in the present, experiencing it fully, staying aware of your emotions & needs.
This allows you to have a healthy understanding of & separation between identifying but not being those feelings – able to control emotions, not always needing to act on each one.

You can think more positively & feel joy, living in the present moment. The discipline of the #1 allows you to follow through & reach 4’s creative ideas & dreams. Remember – the identity you long for is already part of yourself, not something to be manufactured.  ⬆️ Full art explanation

» GROWTH Inventory :
a. The 1 arrow-line also indicates a deep shadow of judgment & resentment. So as a 4,
— how are you critical, deeply angry & resentful?
b. And what about the 1’s sophisticated discernment & ability to exert self-control?
— how can you be more discerning, better at holding your boundaries & more self-regulated?

NEXT : ARROW (Part 3)

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