Enneagram ARROWS (Types 1, 2)



💟 Type 1 under STRESS
AT FIRST, when you sink into a less healthy place, you become more true to your type –  overzealous in proving you’re right. You’ll see things more in B & W black, suppress anger through gritted teeth, clenched fists, & possibly workaholism.

As stress increases, you become moody & irrational like unhealthy 4s, getting lost under the brutal judgment of your inner critic.  You’re weighed down by negative thoughts, assume you’re unlovable, & so become more sensitive to any criticism, however well-meant.

Tired of being responsible and trying to live up to their ideals, stress frees you to admit being upset. After holding it together for so long, now it spills out in a disorderly, even hurtful, way.
OR –
you internalize anger even further, getting more judgmental of self & everyone else. Resisting any sort of fun or an offer of connection from others, you end up resenting people who are enjoying life – sinking further into misery.

♥️ Type 1 in GROWTH
During periods of growth & security, you take on some of type 7’s best qualities, become more forgiving, spontaneous & joyful. Being more optimistic, you’re able to see the good things in the world, letting yourself have fun & be spontaneous. Self-acceptance will be easier. ⬇️  Full art explanation

At your best, you realize that part of being a responsible person means taking good, tender care of yourself. You’ll want to try new things & be open to many new & exciting opportunities. Recognizing that life is a journey to be enjoyed, not a goal to be accomplished, you can pause to enjoy the little things that show up along the way . 

Adding type 7’s creativity to come up with positive options, you use
your clear sense of what “perfect” looks like by enjoying the benefits of sticking to reasonable rules, structured plans & time commitments, to make your idea a reality.

When you succeed integrating these two points (1 + 7), the enthusiasm & positive spirit of the 7 will infuse the responsibility & hard-work of the 1. Flexibility & spontaneity are joined with integrity & purposefulness.

Warning : If the 7 point is not well integrated, you can “act out” now that your usual self-control is gone – overdoing everything.
» GROWTH Inventory :
a. The 7 arrow line also indicates a deep shadow of licentiousness & hedonism. So, as a 1 :
— how are you licentious (decadent) & hedonistic?
b. About the 7’s spontaneity & ability to innovate?
— how often do you dare to think & act outside conventional rules of engagement?

💟 Type 2 under STRESS
When you start to experience stress, you immediately behave more 2ish – repressing unacceptable emotions & focusing on serving others. You hope that if you do enough – then maybe you can ask for something in return.

However, many times you just don’t ask for what you really need, so when people don’t read your mind you feel taken for granted & used. So when you don’t get the affection longed for, you can take on some of the harsh qualities of the 8.  You become more controlling, demanding & manipulative, shifting blame for difficult situations on to others

You may lash out at others, feeling justified in going after the attention that’s been missing for so long. You might gossip, point out the things you have done, & act arrogant & self-righteous. It can go so far that you become bitter, vengeful, fueled by hatred. You may obsess about & point out ‘old wrongs’ you’re still upset about. Stress makes you possessive in relationships, which can leave others feeling smothered & inadequate.

♥️Type 2 In GROWTH
At your best, you pick up the healthy qualities of Type 4 – you can shed some of  the pressure to “love everyone”, focusing more inward. It’s vital to look at yourself squarely, dark side & all, so you can move towards self-knowledge – to realize your repressed emotions, needs & motives.

Spending time in quiet introspection & creativity helps you be more self-accepting, so life feels more profoundly meaningful. You can spend time with people who benefit & encourage, & invest effort in things you truly enjoy doing, by yourself, just for yourself.

⬅️ Full art explanation

Remember : you’re loved for who you are, even when you’re not serving. Your needs are worthy of their own attention, & you have to provide many of them, along with asking for the support & help you have a right to.
Also, your natural generosity becomes more powerful because you’re deeply in tune with the human experience as a whole.

Warning : The drawback of the 4 is that you may get stuck in sadness or melancholy, ‘helped’ by seeing only what’s missing in work or in relationship.
» GROWTH Inventory :
a. The 4 arrow line also indicates a deep shadow of anger – for not being seen & not getting your needs met, AND despair about feeling hopelessness about it all.  So as a 2,
— how are you angry & despairing, even as you’re hiding behind a smile?
b. And about the 4’s creativity & ability to be different from others? — how could you be more creative, more daring to be yourself even when these defy societal norms?

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