Enneagram ARROWS – Intro


SITE : “History of the Arrows”


BASICS: The Enneagram is expressed as a series of lines of movement or influence, which indicate the interactions between the Types, patterns of energy movement or flow.  It seems there’s some inherent, organizing intelligence in the diagram itself.

In this way the Enneagram is different from other personality systems. It’s more than a simple list – it’s a holistic system based on the symmetry & mathematics of this ancient diagram. Apparently the lines indicate the ways that energy moves in repeated patterns, & regarding humans, the lines seem to carry important information about our psychological patterns.

This design provides 4 visible options to enrich each Type, by offering specific development stretches :
— the wings (the number on each side) that provide more gentle growth steps (in future posts)
arrow-line points that provide more radical movement.
Each ennea-type has two lines of influence emerging from it, connecting to two others – indicating patterns of energy flow between the types. They suggest how we’re likely to act in different situations.
💛 Various NAMES of the 2 directions :
“Growth vs Stress” , “Integration vs Disintegration” ,  “Stretch vs Release” , “Development vs Tension”

★ The Direction of Growth arrow represents ideas & behaviors we incorporate into our type during personal growth, generally positive responses that will lead to psychological / spiritual improvement over time.

For each type, this arrow-point highlights the inner talents & learned skills we need to develop in order to remain cool under pressure. Those characteristics are a checklist of things we can consciously do to integrate those abilities.

Moving along this line allows us to explore the higher aspects of the connecting type, opening a doorway to increased health, self-actualization, & release of stress.
★ The Direction of Stress can be seen as the direction of stretch or challenge, thought to represent how we’re likely to act when
overwhelmed – mainly a course of downhill behaviors, a doorway to potential neurosis.

What defines as stressful will depend on your primary type.
EXP: a 3 will feel frustrated when not having enough work to do
— a 5 can feel overwhelmed when too many people want to talk to them at the same time
— a 7 may feel pressured when having to create something that will be judged by others…..

While our core type remains ‘home base’, we can travel or even be pulled along these connecting lines, taking the number at the other end of the arrow as either a polarity or a paradox to be experienced.  .

📍 The usual understanding has been that when we add information from the “good” arrow’s type, we’re becoming more ‘developed’, but when traveling in the “bad” direction, we’re undermining ourselves.

More recently, it’s become clear that we actually need both to develop into a balanced, functional person. Both arrow-point numbers provide an important option for expanding our type, so both can help to create positive, sustained behavioral changes.

Arrows are a roadmap for growth, indicating the resources & strategies available for tackling the built-in challenges our personality type naturally struggles with.
OPTION:  a deliberate use of the higher side of our ‘stress’ type may combine positive stress with stretch, balancing the less-effective tendencies or reactions of the core type.

EXP : Type 8 (arrows to #2 & #5) works hard to keep things running & to champion the underdog – everywhere. The qualities from type 2 can be used to soften the 8’s ‘natural’ harshness when interacting with others . And the 5’s studious nature can be used to quiet the 8’s busyness so it can take private time to contemplate or study.

When we move along the lines there’s a rich potential for exploration with a valuable shift in perspective – that lets us step out of our typical style & reactions, to create new ways of responding to our world. Ideally, the goal is to be fluent in using our two lines as tools to form a Whole Self.

Ultimately, the goal is to “move around” the circle, integrating what each type symbolizes, gaining the healthy potentials of all the types.
Each Enneagram number expresses a variety of important qualities we need to live well. The ideal is to become a balanced, fully functioning person who can draw on the power (from the Latin “virtue”) of each type – as needed.

IMP : The personality type we start out with is less important than how well (or badly) we use our number as the staring point for development & self-realization.

NEXT : ARROW (Part 2)

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