Types of READERS (Part 2)

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QUOTE : “What I love most about reading is that it gives you the ability to reach higher ground & keep climbing.” ∼ Oprah


TYPEs of People (cont)

Don’t even think about gifting this reader a paperback romance from the supermarket. They take pride in their knowledge of the classics, or whatever book former presidents or influential scholars are currently raving about in their annual reading lists.

These types can’t be bothered with mass-market fiction or whatever the rest of us are reading on the beach. So unless you’re also a bit of a literary snob, you’re not likely to have a discussion with them about your favorite authors.

📱Hopeless Romantics
You probably guessed it – the Hopeless Romantic is a die-hard fan of romance novels, and they don’t care what Highbrow Readers or Nonfiction Nerds think. You can probably find every Danielle Steel novel ever written sitting on their shelves, along with a variety of historical romances & Nicholas Sparks staples.
And when the actors for the inevitable film adaptation are finally announced, you know they’ll have something to say about it!

For some of you, your high school Lit teacher made you turn in your copy of Lord of the Flies to check your homework-assigned margin annotations.
But the Note-Taker doesn’t do this for a grade – it’s their passion! The margins in some of their old paperbacks could probably tell stories that beat the book itself. Taking notes while you read (fiction or nonfiction) can be a great way to process information & reflect on your own thoughts about the text.

📱Nonfiction Nerds
From self-help, to travel memoirs, to brilliant how-to hacks, the Nonfiction Nerd prefers facts over fiction. They’ll devour numbers, historical accounts, true-crime & every kind of real-life story. And they’re not wrong – after all, life is full of great stories.
We don’t always need made-up ones to stay interested. Plus, if you love picking up bits of random knowledge, the Nonfiction Nerd style is a great addition to your favorite one

There’s plenty of love in this reader to go around (just don’t tell the others). The Player doesn’t like choosing favorites, but thanks to their curious mind & multi-tasking abilities, they don’t have to.
They can start mornings with an inspirational self-help book, & doze off in the evening with a bookmark in the latest sy-fy or romantic bestseller. Not everyone is comfortable with this kind of juggling, but The Player needs it to feel nourished

Polar opposite of the Player. Once the Repeat Reader pairs up with a book or author, they’re loyal for life. Whatever good intentions you may have when recommending a new book to them, they may smile politely before picking up their cherished copy of The Sun Also Rises for the 100th time, & are never bored. They’re not exactly obsessive (?), they just like to snuggle down & feel cosy with what’s familiar

📱Serial Binging
These readers are like Netflix binge-watchers – once they get a feels for a group of characters or a particular writer’s style, they can’t & won’t stop until they’ve read everything available so far. And pity the poor soul who has to keep this type company while they anxiously wait for the next release! Remember the long lines waiting hours for the next Harry Potter?

📱Series Lovers
These people must read (or audio-listen to) groups of consecutive novels – in whatever genre they’re passionate about at the moment – ongoing novels that carry over the same location & the same main characters throughout. That way they don’t have to feel abandoned at end of a favorite story. When they get their fill they can move on to anther series

Life’s busy. Sometimes the only chance you get to dive into a good book is on holiday. The Vacation Reader loves to unwind with a page-turner, whether they’re sprawled out on a beach, riding on a train, or sitting in their backyard with a glass of wine.

They read for pleasure, so don’t limit themselves to just one genre or class like Highbrows. Because they don’t have much free time, so when they do get to unwind, they choose what makes them happy.

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