Types of READERS (Part 1)

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Reading STYLES
 – rapidly, for the main points
Scan – rapidly, to find specific info needed
Revision – rapidly, to confirm understanding of familiar info
Intensive – in shorter texts, for detailed info, with emphasis on precise understanding
Extensive – in longer texts, often for pleasure & for overall understanding

Reading STAGES :
Before – get an overview from table of contents, headings….
During – read actively (highlight, make notes) & critically (ask pointed Qs)
After – thinking about the text, make a brief summary

TYPES of people

📱Book Clubbers
They make most of their reading choices from what their book club has been assigned at the moment, or on the recommendations of whichever celebrity book list they’re following.
And they wouldn’t be in bad company. Prominent figures such as the Obamas, Mark Zuckerberg, & Oprah are all known for sharing their suggestions, which are usually on point. Ask a Book Clubber what they’re reading – they can always help you find your next page-turner!

📱Catharsis Seekers
A good book should provide some ‘feels’, whether to make you laugh, sob, or feel nostalgic. Catharsis Seekers want to feel it all. They can even get so emotionally attached that they’re thrilled when a character falls in love & very sad when one dies.
If you’re thinking about a book character as you go through your day – you’re emotionally hooked.

📱eBook Deniers
Though many of us appreciate the benefits of an eReader, the eBook Denier refuses to adapt. They want the feel, smell & comfort of crisp pages, getting great pleasure from seeing treasured stacks of hardcovers & paperbacks piled up everywhere.
Technology is a godsend for lots of things, but don’t waste your breath trying to convince the eBook Denier a Kindle is much easier to use

📱Fiction Lovers
On the other end of the spectrum from the Non-fiction Nerds sits the Fiction Junkie, who is uncomfortable with too much reality. They’re not interested in the way things are or were. They crave stories from other worlds, other times & other dimensions.

But that doesn’t mean the characters aren’t real to them – just try talking to a Harry Potter superfan for 5 minutes & you’d think they studied at Hogwarts right next to Ron & Hermione.

📱Fickle Readers
These people might have a little of everything on their reading list, but have trouble seeing the job through. Unlike The Player, who knows how to spread the love around, the Fickle Reader tends to get bored fast – so they quickly move on to whatever catches their eye next. You could build a fort out of all the half-read books they have lying around

📱Film Buffs
Some people like to see film adaptations after they’ve finished the book. Others don’t, claiming the films are never as good as the books. And some prefer grabbing a copy of the book after falling in love with characters on the big screen. Either way – no judgment here

📱 Genre Snobs
These focused souls find a literary category early on & stick to it for life, or at least a decade. Some are only interested in anything non-fiction, considering the ‘other’ beneath their intelligence & therefore a waste of time. Some will only read spiritual or religious literature, others only technical manuals…. each turning up their nose at other categories. We may rightly think they’re missing out, but they’re satisfied

📱Harry Burns
In When Harry Met Sally, Harry explains that he likes to read the last page of a book first, so in case he dies, he’ll know how it ends.
These readers love to do the same, & they’ll keep doing it, whether you think it’s clever or a crime punishable by death.
FYI: If you’re thinking about planning them a surprise party, don’t.

📱 Hate-Readers
These are the people who will not allow themselves to quit reading a book they don’t like or that doesn’t hold any interest – even though they realize this after 2-3 chapters. They’re afraid they might miss something, OR have the illusion that it will get better if only they persist. Unfortunately the rest of their relationships are similar – they “stay too long at the fair!”, hanging on to people that are toxic or that they’ve outgrown. Don’t!

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