PREVIOUS: Function development

SITEs: “Objective Personality” (+ more)

▪︎ How to recognize each MBTI Type (good detail)

⬆️ A look at what’s important to Js & Ps 

⬆️ Degrees of mental health for each function 


⬆️ Fundamental focus of each part of a stack – Sensing, Intuition, Thinking, Feeling, as either Introvert or Extrovert

⬆️ INFERIOR Function is what you aspire to. (More….)

a. When (INF) thinks it can heal the Self, if it usurps the role of the DOM
b. When Inferior (INF) function wants to show off – if it just tries really hard, even though it’s not strong enough to lead












➡️ The healthiest use of our Stack – learn about, acknowledge & fully USE the part of us that comes most naturally from birth. The other 3 functions can then support & augment, to make our life more successful
⬆️ Emoticons.   Also – a VARIATION


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