MBTI 4 Functions of ENFP & ENFJ (4b)


CHARTS below:
All SARCASTIC Functions 

Modified from VERYWELLmind

ENFP = The CHAMPION (Review)
 caring, empathetic, enthusiastic, fun, highly creative, spontaneous & warm – with strong people & communication skills

: can be overly emotional, disorganized, needs approval from others, overthinks, struggles to follow rules, tends to get stressed out easily

ENFP’s primary response is generally to focus on the world of possibilities. They’re good at abstract thinking, rather than concentrating on tiny details.
ENFPs are inventive, & focused on the future. They’re good at seeing things as they might be – rather than simply noticing what they presently are. They have a natural tendency to focus on relationships, & can easily find patterns or connections between people, situations & ideas.

As a support to the DOM, Fi is not about ENFP’s internal emotions, even when they experience a deep well of emotions, nor is the focus on logic & objective criteria, but rather on personal values. They have a strong need to be true to themselves & their beliefs. In their ideal world, its values would align with their own.

ENFPs tend to follow their heart, empathize with others, & let their feelings guide their decisions. This is based on their own moral code & what their gut instinct tells them is right, & how they would like to be treated themselves.

They tend to be very considerate of others, & are likely to be highly aware of how they think others see them. It can take them a long time figure out their beliefs, to make sure they feel right. This refining process requires mental solitude, which can make ENFPs seem very withdrawn at those times. Fi highly values authenticity, & is repulsed by anything that seems fake or shallow.

Less prominently, Ne in 3rd place is very logic-oriented, centered on organizing information & ideas, the side of the ENFP that naturally looks for a better solution to a problem, improve the efficiency of a process, or critique & refine what’s already in place.

When looking at info, ENFPs use Te to efficiently spot connections. EXP: They might ‘think out loud’ when working through a problem, laying out all the facts to form a train of thought that can be easily followed.

ENFPs tend to be balanced between this decisive & efficient way of making decisions, & the pondering, value-driven process of their Fi-AUX. While they prefer to take their time, as long as it doesn’t go against their values they can use their Te to make act when necessary.

Least preferred, here Si can be used to compare whatever the ENFP is experiencing in the moment with past experiences. In the process, they’re often able to remember emotions, events & physical sensations associated with those events. This also helps to find patterns, which allow them to have certain expectations for or make predictions about similar future events, based on those previous experiences.

However, under-developed, they can have trouble being consistent, reliable, & following thru on their ideas. As they grow & mature, this can greatly improve.

See: INTERNAL WORLD (scroll down)


empathetic, encouraging, organized, outgoing and warm-hearted, with a wide social circle

Weaknesses: approval-seeking, indecisive, overly sensitive, self-sacrificing


ENFJ’s primary response is expressed through their engaging social behavior (charm) & harmonious relationships. They’re in tune with other people’s feelings, often to the point of ignoring their own needs, in order to please

As a support to the DOM, Ni ‘pushes’ ENFJs to think about the future rather than the present. They can get so focused on the larger goal that they lose sight of immediate details. Ni makes their internal world very abstract.

While Fe-DOM gathers information about people, Ni is running internally in the background, forming it into constellations of data that merge to become an idea or thought. As they processes it to form impressions, ideas & conclusions, they can spot patterns & make sense of complex or hypothetical data.

However, Se in 3rd place encourages the ENFJ to stay in the present moment – which can push against the desire of Ni-AUX – but which helps to gather concrete details & sensory input from the environment. Because of this, they’ll often go after novel or interesting experiences & sensations. ENFJs tend to be very aware of their present surroundings, & want to create a pleasant environment for everyone

While least preferred, here the Ti helps to organized & enjoy structure as well as careful planning. Sticking to a predictable schedule helps ENFJs feel in control of their world. Bit it may also keep them from having confidence in their own ability to be logical & organized.
— Neglecting this function can lead to relying too much on personal values rather than inclusions facts when appropriate
— Developing it can help them feel more balanced & in control of their decision-making.

See: INTERNAL WORLD (scroll down)


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