MBTI – e & i INTUITION Style (2a)

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SITEs: Ns are smarter than Ss – includes IQs of famous people, & functions by %

iN-P : Catalyst + Change
iN-J : Visionary+Independent
iNe : Detective Patterns
iNi : Existenial Intel.

Inner dichotomy STACK Preferences (cont.)

N = INTUITION (Wisdom)
N-types need to think things through.  They gathers data through the world of ideas. Info is stored in abstract form, as concepts instead of details. Ninterprets the meaning behind info received. EXP: Determines the meaning behind the movie Inception.

Ne – Extroverted INTUITION, directed outwards
Nicknames: Exploration, Pattern Recognition of the Actual Present

Spot by:  Seeing Possibilities & connections in the external world.
Trusts flashes from the unconscious, which can then be shared with others

Q: “What could this be or is connected to?”
Potential STRENGTH: innovative, visionary
Potential WEAKNESS: indecisive, jumps from thought to thought

Basic Desire: See all possibilities, make cross-disciplinary connections

Ne perspective: Exploration, Possibilities – “What will happen 20 years from now?”.  Ne is about exploring the world of ideas, in multiplies possibilities & theories. Looks for what can be gathered from info & then expands on it in the environment. Wonders ‘what could be’, SO – determines that the movie Inception has many possible, unknown meanings.

• Ne Dom types experience bursts of high energy, followed by periods of being reclusive
• Ne Dom types bore quickly, & almost always have a new project in the works
• are quick-witted, gaining energy by debating ideas, & enjoy discussing possibilities most of all
• want to explore every side of a given situation, & are more likely to play ‘devil’s advocate’ than other types
• tend to jump from topic to topic with ease & enthusiasm, but can directly contradict themselves multiple times while speaking
• enjoy using metaphors to explain things – which are prone to becoming more & more complex as they go along, which they love.
• These types usually advocate keeping options open, exploring all possibilities, & taking an unconventional approach to solving problems.


Ni – Introverted INTUITION, inner directed
Nicknames: Perspectives , Recognition about Future

Spot by: Having a Singular goal, inner vision. Looks at consistency of ideas & thoughts, with an internal framework.
Trusts flashes from the unconscious, which may be hard for others to understand.

Q: “What is or will be under the surface?”
Potential STRENGTH: perceptive, understanding
Potential WEAKNESS: stubborn about beliefs, but won’t back the up

Basic Desire: See & understand deep truths

Ni perspective: Future, Perspective – “Something’s going to happen tomorrow”.
Ni is about converging a large body of info into insights, answers & theories. It synthesizes internal concepts to predict possibilities, tying unrelated stored info to create new ideas. A way to determine ‘what will be’, SO – determines that the movie Inception has only one possible, known meaning

IMAGE: Like a weather-forecasting stone, able to feel things & then tell what’s about to happen
GIFT: Insight, foresight – able to perceive upcoming changes
: As Dom – distant eyes, late or awkward smile. Draws on entire mind to foresee

• Everything an Ni Dom type does is deliberate. One can get the sense they’ve carefully (but covertly) planned out their actions & words
• Ni dominant types usually pause to fully take in and consider what you have said in conversation before replying.
• Ni dominant types often give off a stoic or “Zen” vibe.

• may ask a lot of questions in conversation, which tend to be open-ended I.e. “Can you tell me more about that,” As opposed to, “When did that happen?”
• prefer sticking to one topic at a time, but feel the need to ‘explain around’ it if they can’t get their point across concisely
• may also return to a topic of conversation weeks later, having processed & analyzed what you’ve said more fully
• enjoy talking about future possibilities in a linear fashion, & seem to have a lot of ‘epiphanies’ or ‘realizations.’
• These types usually advocate thinking through options carefully, optimizing experiences, always keeping long-term objectives in mind.

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