MBTI – e/i SENSING by stack position (1b)

e & i SENSING Style (1a)


a. EXtroverted SENSING
It shows up as the desire to engage fully with the sensory aspects of the person’s environment, without any restraint or pause for analysis.

Se-Dom thought: “I want to sample all experiences immediately available to me, & see where they lead!”

SARCASTIC VERSION: Everything you do has to end in you saying “Woooaaaahhhh!!!

It shows up as the desire to experience & experiment with any sensory input the person determines to be the most enjoyable or useful

Se-Aux thought: “I want to go live out the experiences I’ve decided are the best or most enjoyable, see what happens”

SARCASTIC VERSION: This is unnecessarily dangerous, so of course you’re first in line to try it

It shows up as the person’s ability to pick up cues from their external environment, & react to them with a sense of natural confidence

Se-Ter thought: “I prefer to plan ahead, but when necessary, I can think surprisingly well on my feet, being in tune with what’s going on around me.”

SARCASTIC VERSION: You put on your designer clothes to go sopping

It originally shows up as distrust of the physical world arounds the person, or the pervasive belief that their intellect can & must be trusted above the sensory information that IS available.

As Se matures, they may find themselves steadily more in tune with the the surrounding sensory world, & better able to trust it as a stable & pervasive force

Se-Inf thought (prior to maturation): “I must analyze all possible outcomes of a sensory experience, as the physical world is subject to unexpected changes, at any time.”

SARCASTIC VERSION: You guess you owe it to yourself to have sex this year


b. INtroverted SENSING
It shows up as a powerful memory for what’s worked well in the past, creating a desire to structure their life around traditions & previous positive outcomes

Si-Dom thought:“I prefer to plan most of my life around tried-and-true methods of doing things, having proved to be the most reliable.”

SARCASTIC VERSION: You have a temper tantrums when the rest of the group votes for pizza with mushrooms instead of olives


It shows up as the preference for relying on tried-and-true methods when working to accomplish a particular goal

Si-Aux thought:“To achieve what I want, I’ll use the most reliable & socially acceptable method of achieving it.”

SARCASTIC VERSION: You feel ‘edgy’ this weekend so you’re going to try a new recipe instead of eating out with friends

It shows up as a proneness toward nostalgia, as well as a way of contrasting the new & exciting with the old & the known.

Si-Ter thought:“I’ll see how a new experience or theory stacks up against my past experiences or way of understanding the world.”

SARCASTIC VERSION: You have a favorite childhood cartoon character tattooed somewhere on you

It originally shows up as a resistance to tradition or conformity of any sort.

As Si matures, they’ll find themselves steadily better able to determine when traditional methods are most useful in accomplishing their goals vs. when they’re not. They’ll start to feel comfortable integrating tried-and-true ways into their experiences as they see fit.

Si-Inf thought (immature): “Out with the old, in with the new! F*ck the system! The man can’t keep me down!”

SARCASTIC VERSION: You only changed religions twice in college – that’s very conservative of you


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