MBTI – e/i INTUITION by stack position (2b)

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2a. Extroverted INTUITION

As a dominant function, Ne manifests as a seemingly never-ending plethora of theories, possibilities and inventive ideas that the user is constantly picking up on.

The dominant-Ne monologue: “I am swimming in an endless sea of possibilities about what to do/experience/think about next and I want to try them all.”



Auxiliary Ne manifests as a plethora of possibilities that arise to support or expand upon a thought or decision that the user has come to.

The auxiliary-Ne monologue: “I see a million different ways to look at the concept I’ve been analyzing and I want to consider them all.”



Tertiary Ne manifests as a series of creative solutions that may go into solving a given problem or moving them towards a goal.

The tertiary-Ne monologue: “I will consider which possibilities will best help me accomplish the goal I have set.”



Inferior Ne originally manifests as a reluctance to try new ways of doing things, occasionally giving way to anxiety over the unknown.

As Ne matures, its user will become more comfortable dwelling in uncertainties and entertaining new possibilities.

The inferior-Ne monologue (prior to maturation): “It is best to stick to the most reliable methods of getting things done. There is no sense getting lost in a sea of unpredictable possibilities.”


2b. Introverted INTUITION

As a dominant function, Ni manifests as a keen perception for the meaningful connections that exist between the thoughts, concepts, events and occurrences in the Ni-user’s environment.

The dominant-Ni monologue:“Everything is interconnected and I must determine the meaning and implication behind those connections.”



As an auxiliary function, Ni manifests as an understanding of how one ought to go about accomplishing his or her goals, based on a keen intuitive perception of how various courses of action are likely to unfold.

The auxiliary-Ni monologue: “How can I use my intuitive knowledge about how things are connected in order to achieve what I want?”



As a tertiary function, Ni manifests as the desire to optimize or perfect upon one’s pre-existing talents or skills.

The tertiary-Ni monologue: “How can I improve upon – or even perfect – the approach that I regularly take toward my main passion or interest?”



As an inferior function, Ni originally manifests as a scorn or distaste for over-analyzing what is obvious or over-planning for the future.

As inferior introverted intuition matures, the user may find themselves developing a keen ‘hunch’ for the way things are bound to unfold in the future and will enjoy entertaining these ideas.

The inferior-Ni monologue (prior to maturation):“Everyone needs to stop over-analyzing everything, the answers are literally right in front of us.”



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