Pyramid Uses: REVERSED (Part 2)



G. Filotto
(the “SJW Hunter”) says that self-actualization comes first rather than last – underpinning & supporting all other possibilities for a successful life.

1. Know yourself (Oracle of Delphi, ancient Greece). It both means : Know who you are inside, AND Find the truth of things & how they relate to you  – on your own, in your own way, that suits your purpose, ideas & abilities – to deepen self-understanding

2. Someone to share yourself with. We all have a powerful built-in need to be loved & to love, to share our minds & hearts with someone else who we know can appreciate it, & who we can do the same for

A Mutual stimulus group, whether friend (supporters) or foe (challengers) = people who push us to be react, respond, improve, create, grow…. & where we can reciprocate – anything but stagnate

4. Freedom of action, to do what we personally want – when, how & with whom. This includes Having Money, but to truly achieve we need to have a handle on point #1 – a clear, realistic & healthy mind.

5. Give back to the world . If we achieve the first 4, we may still feel something’s missing. This void can be filled by using our specific talents to give back to the world – in whatever way – inspiration, help, guidance, pleasure, happiness, safety or comfort to others.

The 6 components of Bloom’s Taxonomy  pyramid can also be put in other words: (previously learned) knowledge, then comprehension,  application, analysis & finally synthesis – to identify the differences between knowing, understanding, & applying information.
However, this version suggests there’s a scarcity of talent & imagination in students – only those who can plow thru the lower levels & reach the top – can be creative. This is not true.

FLIPPED LEARNING reverses the traditional instructional goals for what happens in & out of class, so that students becomes increasingly pro-active. This makes it easier for them to master the process of thinking & thus now to learn.

The FLIPPED classroom starts with creating, & eventually it gives us the info needed. Students watch short instructional videos at home, then use in-class time for discussions, exercises & projects (More…):
▪︎ Based on the class topic, students are given real-world problem to solve
▪︎ They create something that shows their understanding (video, podcast, website, wiki….)
▪︎ They p
articipate in a discussion or debate (More….)

NOTE: Both reverse pyramids are suggested by Lorin Anderson – using creativity as the base  / or using ‘understanding’ as the base

Journalists know that 80% of web readers don’t go thru a whole story, only scanning headlines. Web readers dislike long-winded, flowery, promotional writing with boastful claims. They prefer facts – realistic, useful information.

So the key to getting a reader’s attention is simplicity, addressing ‘What? When? Where? Who? Why? How? ‘
The writer must place the most important elements of the story at the beginning, starting with the conclusion / outcome of the story, followed by the most important supporting information, & end with the background.  (More….)

The AA service structure is described as “the upside down triangle of AA“. Everything in AA begins at the group level. Every group is autonomous & is governed by it’s own group conscience. If there’s an issue outside the group that they would like to address, their General Service Representative or GSR will bring their concern to the District Committee.⬇️ (More…..)

NOTE: This arrangement applies to all 12-Step programs, such as Al-Anon, D.A., O.A., G.A……

“No one goes into Animal welfare for the money. They do it for love. But when passion comes before self-care, the weight of the world takes it toll.”
Laura Young is the founder of (pyramid). She knows there’s a difference between being tired, even to the point of exhaustion, vs. the world-weary state of compassion fatigue….

Striking the balance between compassionate caring & trying to address the tidal wave of need that greets everyone who joins a cause, be it animal welfare, child welfare, addressing  race or gender related violence,or global climate change is quite another. (More ...)


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