đź”´Enneagram : Subtype Details (Types 7, 8, 9)

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SITE: “The Enneagram System’s 27 Personality SUBTYPES” (Types & counter-types) by Beatrice Chestnut

REVIEW: The content of the 27 subtypes highlights the reasons why two people of the same type can look very different, & clarifies the impact of the operation of biological goals that drive our


COUNTER instinct of TYPE 7 – Sacrifice
Social 7s go against ‘normal’ gluttony from a conscientious efforts to be of service to others. Deliberately wanting to avoid exploiting others, they need to feel ‘pure’, sacrificing their own needs in support of others – & passionately want to be seen as ‘good’ for it.
Their ascetic ideal is expressed by making self-deprivation into a virtue.
Their idealism & enthusiasm becomes a way of making themselves feel active & valued in the world.


COUNTER instinct of TYPE 8 – Solidarity
Social 8s express lust & aggression – but mainly in the service of others. A social-antisocial person, the helpful 8 appears less aggressive & more loyal than the other two subtypes. The name “Solidarity” emphasizes their tendency to offer protection whenever it’s needed.


COUNTER instinct of TYPE 9 – Participation
Social 9s fuse with groups. An internal laziness makes them work hard at being part of the different groups in their lives – fun-loving, sociable & congenial.
Externally – they can be workaholics, prioritizing the group’s needs above their own. This high level of activity makes them the 9’s countertype.


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