Ennea-Types : UNDERSTANDING THEM (Types 6, 7)


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Comments FROM Type 6s
〽️ When I share my stressors, I want to process them with you, but I don’t need you to fix anything.

〽️ I ask questions because I want to fully understand. I’m not trying to challenge or compete with you.

〽️ I really want the whole truth. Sometimes I just need what I already know to be confirmed.

〽️ When you ask me to make a decision, give me all the information I’ll need. The less I know, the more I overthink. I appreciate it when you let me work through the “what if” statements swirling in my mind.

〽️ I may sometimes seem anxious you, but often I’m just evaluating different possible outcomes. For me, analysis is not anxiety.

〽️ I like consistency & predictability. I also enjoy having fun & can be spontaneous, as long as it’s not coming from chaos.

〽️ If you think I’ve made a good decision, let me know – it helps boost my confidence! I can spend so much time thinking through the implications of every option that I get stuck.

GETTING ALONG with Type 6s
They’re about loyalty, reassurance, honesty & trust.
For You :
🔅Give them lots of reassurance about your commitment to them (verbally & through actions). Answer their questions honestly & thoughtfully.

🔅Listen the them when they’re running worst-case scenarios, & then help them to find the best possible outcome.
At the same time, don’t shut down their concerns. You want them to know you understand their worries but also provide options.

🔅Try to be honest, loyal, & not too needy. It’ll reassure them of your commitment, & give them back what they offer you (being honest, loyal & dependable).

🔅Give examples of the times they did trust themselves – which turned out well – logical concrete proof that the worse doesn’t always happen

🔅Encourage 6s to take some action instead of obsessing or second-guessing themselves, without pushing them to their breaking point

✳️  ✳️  ✳️

Comments FROM Type 7s
〽️ If you ask for a commitment, I might not be able to say yes right away. I’m not totally afraid of it, I just need to think about it for a while.

〽️ I know I need to say “no” more often so that I have space to say “yes” to the things that are truly important to me.

〽️ I get really excited about having interesting ideas & finding new procedures. If you shut them down right away, it’s frustrating & hurtful.

〽️ There are only a few people I’m close to. Just because I’m not always sharing my emotions doesn’t mean I don’t have them!

〽️ I can be sensitive, but I’m not going to let you see that you’ve hurt my feelings if I don’t feel safe with you.

〽️ My mind moves so fast that sometimes it’s hard to explain what I’m thinking. My ideas might seem random to someone ‘looking on’ from the outside, but they’re definitely not!

〽️ When we’re having a conversation, I like to keep things moving! Sometimes I interrupt because I’m excited, not because I wasn’t listening. Don’t dismiss my excitement for naïveté or rudeness.

〽️ The best way to invite my rebellious streak is to tell me what to do. 😏

GETTING ALONG with Type 7s
They’re about flexibility, positivity, adventure & excitement.
For You :
🔅 Listen to their stories. It’s often how they share feelings, used as one or two steps removed from their actual emotions, which make them feel less painful.

🔅 Be gentle & brief with criticism. 7s prefer to stay up-beat & avoid negatives.

🔅 Be comfortable – or at least accepting – of their spontaneity & flexibility.

🔅 Encourage them to have a full range of emotions. Remind them that you won’t abandon them when they do, & can depend on you to listen & sometimes be soothing.
With Them :
🔅Socializing is very important to 7s, but so is alone time. Allow them to have both. 

🔅A 7 may be will listen to you share difficult or emotions, but they don’t really want to help you process them. However, when they do – it’s usually reserved for close friends & family. On the whole they don’t like dealing with unpleasant topics.

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