Power – NEGATIVE Worker TYPES (#3)

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These types tend to be incompetent, unprepared, sloppy, disorganized…. They act like they can’t make normal decisions to carry out even basic daily task, much less participate in group projects.
This makes them overly-reliant on their peers, constantly asking how to do things, what they should do next, & procrastinate finishing work assignment.
Their lack of confidence – & possibly lack of knowledge – create a drag on office atmosphere & productivity.

Generally, these types don’t respect the company’s mission or values which the owners / leaders have put so much effort into, expecting the business to express.
On the one hand, iconoclasts may be positive trendsetters, or just overly-confident visionaries. Their potential contributions get undermined by disregarding the company’s well-established policies & protocols, because they insist on playing by their own rules, & consider corporate values fake or overbearing.

When asked for their input & participation, they say ‘I haven’t got time to do that’ or ‘Our team’s too busy’. They seem overwhelmed, so can’t think rationally, & are affronted you’d want to pile yet more on their to-do list. They hope that if they put you off, you’ll go away & leave them alone

Information is power, & they can never get enough. They won’t make a decision until they have all the ‘facts’, but accumulating it ALL becomes a never-ending excuse to not proceed. They’ll never admit they’re slow to make decisions – they’ll just say that it’s vital to just get one more piece of evidence…. & then another….

These are some of the most difficult to deal with. They show a “pattern of grandiosity, entitlement, need for admiration, lack of empathy for others’ feelings or opinions, & expect unearned high praise regardless of their actual accomplishment or effort”. (Posts) They present a completely false image – constantly relying on (needing / demanding) compliments, appreciation & acknowledgment from coworkers, friends & family. (POSTs: Characteristics of Ns)

While some may be annoying to deal with & disliked, others are very charismatic & actually liked by many coworkers. However, all want to control situations, & getting reinforcement for their inflated self view will ultimately be toxic to the workplace, regardless of how it may damage others’ work-life or their own relationships. (POSTs: “Covert Ns“)

These people are clingy, both in personal relationships & at work, constantly turning to others for help, approval & guidance.
They’re painfully off-putting, experienced by co-workers as whiney & annoying, often as weak & less intelligent. They’re challenging to work with because it’s nearly impossible to gauge who they really are, or what their actual skill-set is

When presented with any idea, they say ‘That’s not possible because ……’ or ‘That won’t work because ……’ & then stop. If a proposal has 10 positive features with 1 negative, they focus only on the one. And they’re immovable.  They can make others feel like they have to walk on eggshells, which fuels conflict & destroys morale

Type a.: TMI – indiscriminately telling every little thing about their personal life to anyone & everyone who crosses their path
Type b. : Compulsive texters / callers / emailers (supervisor-to-employee or employee-to-boss) – especially evenings & weekends, communications presented as work emergencies, but rarely or never are

These people spend more time networking than actually working. They believe that the road to success is about who you know, not what you know. So they spend most of their time walking around the office, chatting with everyone – then doing company work after hours – if at all

These people’s behavior is inappropriate for the workplace  (male or female, boss or co-worker). There are various motivations – to express power, insecurity, loneliness, desire,  lack of boundaries or social etiquette….

They may use texts, IMs or comments on social media. They can ‘accidentally’ keep stopping by your desk to ask how you’re doing, fcommenting on your appearance….  Regardless of how ‘innocent’- if it’s unwanted – it’s just creepy!  The key is to enforce boundaries immediately & assertively.  (Signs of work-flirting“)

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