Power – NEGATIVE Worker TYPES (#4)

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They’re constantly playing negative office politics. Their plan is to obstruct your work progress & so make you look bad in the eyes of the bosses. Then they’ll produce some last-minute miracle that makes them the hero & gets lots of praise

They insist on following the rules to the letter, even when they’re told that the situation is urgent & speed is essential. They’re more concerned that they’ve done everything correctly, even if it means the project’s goal is missed. Their rigidity prevents any situational flexibility

As nit pickers, perfection is required in every piece of work completed, so they’ll find flaws in pretty much anything others do. They will only work on their own terms, only happy if things are done precisely their way. (See POST ….)

These people are not indecisive, but rather playing a power game. They deliberately suggest preparing yet another report on a project because they want to delay it – without looking as if they’re the one holding it up. They can keep looking innocent while achieving their negative objective. Some reasons: undermining others as a form of power, fear of ‘endings’, rage at individuals or the company for not giving them something they asked for….

These employee think their main job at work is to liven & lighten their environment. Laughter at work is great, but done to excess distracts from getting the job done. Hugely entertaining & highly popular, unfortunately they talk too much. At meetings they want their voice to be heard & be the star of the show. Even if they don’t have anything productive to add, they always have a lot to say about any topic, while wasting everyone’s time

For some reason they’ve become de-motivated, so have decided to go on silent strike – while still at their desk. They haven’t been willing to bring their grievances to the management, but instead – do the minimum work they can get away with, or do it as slowly as possible

Their attitude is : ‘Us, The Poorly Paid Workers vs You, The Rich Fat Cat Management’. When asked to implement a company or project strategy, they assess it against the benchmark of whether it benefits the workers or not. They may challenge a leader directly about it, or quietly sabotage by delay tactics, changing aspects they dont approve of.

This type refuses to accept being told no. Being absolutely stubborn about rejection, it makes them a burden instead of an asset. They like to compete, headstrong with anyone for any reason, & won’t stop until an opponent admits defeat. A little competition can motivate the team to achieve the goal faster, but too much can wear them out.

They also will not respond to coaching, refusing to listen to or accept feedback. They’re “impervious” to positive criticism ‘or guidance, failing to take recommended improvements from the boss or team leader. 

These people suffer from a rare condition, but they do exist,  being very harmful, particularly in the workplace. They have antisocial traits, even if not full-blown PPD. It’s defined by “a pattern of disregard for & violation of the rights of others” (see Post @ Red Flags )

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Some WAYS to DEAL with your TOXIC Co-worker

1. Have a clear conversation with the person
Don’t assume this person will suddenly wake up & realize the error of their ways, so try honest, productive feedback. Focus on the impact their behavior is having on you, the team & company.

2. Raise your own game, & keep your ego in check
Don’t stoop to their level, watching for & managing your fight-or-flight response. The more you keep your focus on team goals, the less likely you’ll be affected

3. Talk with your boss
Pro-actively suggest your boss hold a teem meeting to set up group norms to address some of the negative behaviors & conflicts on the team

4. Take care of yourself
Don’t let toxic behavior damage your emotional & physical health. Do what you can, but don’t try the impossible. If nothing improves, speak to HR or mentor for suggestions.

NEXT : POSITIVE workers (#1)

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