Power – POSITIVE Worker TYPES (#1)

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SITE : 30 Characteristics of a Good Employee

ARCHETYPES of Good Employees (hrgird.com)
✳️ Accurate Expressers  – believe that not accepting reality is more dangerous than promoting fantasy. Think
‣  that an ideas or plan that’s not valid stays invalid – even if it may have some positives, AND
‣ that an ideas or plan that IS valid stays valid – even with many opponents.

✳️ Collaborators – are sophisticated, & love working with people of all types to get the present task done. They’re Flexible, who can work easily with friction that comes from conflicting egos, differing personality types & work-styles

✳️ Cool Heads – don’t yield under pressure, & have great patience. They know the power of a calm mind is needed to make good decisions

✳️ Doers / Executors – are impatient to get things done, & get restless when tasks aren’t developing. They don’t need to talk, convinced that actions is what matter most

✳️ Dreamers – are great at visualizing the future of an an organization, constantly think of new possibilities, & love to talk about good things that should ideally happen for their organization

✳️ Empathizers – are curious to know why others think, feel, act in their specific way, & support how others feel, think & act, with an open mind

✳️ Energizers / Mobilizers – are great motivators, who can get others exited by their contagious enthusiasm. They also mobilize teams to get going on a mutually decided goal

✳️ Thinkers / Observers – believe that Truth does not need lighting up, because it will eventually become visible. They think about what else can be done to achieve an effective outcome. Introverts by nature, they invest their energy on patiently observing their surroundings

TOP SKILLS of a VALUABLE Employee (GetSmarter.com)
🔅Ambition. When employees have a clear, personal career plan or goal in mind, they don’t wait for their employer will drive their career, so they strive for advancement

🔅Conflict resolution. Good employees address & resolve
conflict maturely, rather than trying to avoid it. They maintain respect for those involved, not placing blame, & not giving in just to keep peace

🔅Creativity. Not all people are born with great creative talent, even so creativity is a skill that can be learned through effort – experimentation, imagination, questions, mentoring & study

🔅Dependability, Reliability, Responsibility. Employees who own their actions, arrive on time, do what they say, & don’t let the others in their team down, are highly valued

🔅Emotional intelligence. EQ is about being mindful of one’s own state of emotions, as well as those in the team. Knowing how to manage these well makes them a valuable employee

🔅Generosity. Good employees coach & mentor those around them, freely sharing their experiences & expertise. They understand that knowledge is only power when shared

🔅Honesty, Integrity. This includes telling the truth about tricky subjects such as workload, work/life balance, difficult customers or colleagues, & ineffective work procedures

🔅Innovation. Those who bring suggestions & innovative ideas that will positively impact projects are an asset. Stagnation & complacency are the enemy of growth

🔅Knowing the Why, as well as the What. They know the purpose for their job, & know how to do it. This allows them to come up with ways to improve their tasks & environment

🔅Professionalism. Being polite, well-spoken, calm & presentable is all part of being professional at work

🔅Problem-solving abilities. Positive employees work on something until it’s resolved or completed, using their best efforts

🔅Positive attitude. Those who bring a positive attitude to work have a beneficial impact on those around them, improving team energy

🔅Teamwork. They have the ability to easily work together, professionally fostering relationships, toward a common goal

🔅Willingness to learn. Hard skills gained through education are not enough to be a good employee – they’re also open to new ideas, sharing thoughts & personal insights with the team.


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