Power – POSITIVE Worker TYPES (#2)





✦ more realistic, sometimes considered ‘dream-killers”
✦ always asking “What problems that can arise?”
✦ have great instincts & can find potential pitfalls with products
✦ able to give advice on how to improve existing products

✦ are the “bread & butter” of a team, encouraging & providing help on projects
✦ work relentlessly on all the small details that make the big picture a reality
✦ great at planning & achieving goals, knowing exactly what needs to be done

work at a fast pace, make decisions based on both feelings & opinions
✦ can be impulsive, bypassing processes & procedures
✦ do not work well in isolation, at their best when surrounded by enthusiasm & excitement

✦ are naturally excitable & love to get others excited as well
✦ immediately want to talk about something new they’ve learned
✦ love to gather & organize people into tackling a goal, providing encouragement

✦ keep team atmosphere upbeat so people can work well together
✦ main focus is on the individual – support their emotional well-being & encourage them to achieve their full potential
✦ work to improve communication, & take time to listen, which gives them insights into needs & experiences of others

✦ unhappy working closely with others or with too much supervision
✦ are efficient, disciplined & productive
✦  must run their own show, see where their instincts lead
✦ often found in creative or scientific fields (also called Visionaries or Entrepreneurs)

✦ create new & innovative products
✦ enjoy making prototypes or working models for new products
✦ love to brainstorm & put ideas into place, then take action
✦ love using mind maps, whiteboards & other brainstorming tools

✦ express their emotions freely
✦ enthusiastic communicators, good at building relationships
✦ love meeting new people, connecting those with similar or complementary interest who can benefit from each other

✦ are long-term thinkers, future oriented rather than about the immediate here-&-now
✦ define goals & figure out how to reach them
✦ identify fundamental problems, & creatively look for effective solutions
✦ ask “Why?”, & make others aware of how things should be changed / improved

✦ are skilled at conflict management, focused on building consensus, loyalty & team harmony
✦ main goal is to form deep connections with colleagues & clients
✦ thrive on collaboration, happiest celebrating successes with team

✦ have great willpower, are usually the team member doing the most work
love to finish things, so won’t rest until tasks are done
✦ focuses on & finishes 1 task before moving on to others
✦ persevere toward a goal when others have given up

✦ are the day-dreamers, always asking “why not?”
✦ gather inspiration & ideas before starting a project, good at seeing the big-picture
✦ look for a greater potential or opportunity in a situation
✦ get creative sparks from unexpected places – long walks, staring out the window, working on a unique hobby….

📣 🔔
In business, everyone negotiates. Skillful negotiators do not want to crush opponents, but rather be positive & productive. Both parties will benefit IF highly motivated to meet mutual needs, & able / willing to act on the appropriate problem-solving strategies. (Conflict Styles)

Negotiating style is determined by:
• Concern for the Outcome of the Negotiation (O of N)
• Concern for the Relationship with the other Party (R w/ P) ⬇️ Chart

COMPETE (Win – Lose)  High O of N, Low R w/ P
• Competitors believe there can only be one winner. They drive a hard bargain, engage in win-lose competition, put personal interests first, use bluffs, deceit, surprises, threats

WITHDRAWAL (Lose -Lose) Low O of N and R w/ P
• Dodgers avoid confrontations, believe others are born with more power, keep a low profile, easily surrender, take whatever the other party is willing to concede

ACCOMMODATION (Lose -Win) High R w/ P only
• Altruists avoid unpleasant confrontations, like to keep the peace, make concessions & yield to pressure to further the relationship, trust others without reservation

COMPROMISEModerate O of N and R w/ P
Compromisers agree to split the difference, find easy solutions both parties can agree on, give something to get something (least valuable ?), look for trade-offs, believe “you win some, you lose some”

✳️ COLLABORATION (Win- Win) High O of N and R w/ P = BEST
• Problem-Solvers will make every effort to reach a favorable result based on objective criteria, create synergistic solutions to iron out problems, form partnerships, explore mutual interests & gains, yield to principle – not pressure! (MORE….)

NEXT : Negative worker Types (#1)

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