Power : Positive WORKER Types (#3)

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SITEs :Holland Code – How To Use it to Choose a Career
◎ Holland’s RIASEC – Possible careers for each type
(see CHART below)

BOOK:What’s my style” ∼ by Parsons & Willette

🔔 Holland’s 6 PERSONALITY Types
– which AFFECT career choices & work behaviors
(Most people are a combination of 2 or 3 of these)

ARTISTIC – sees self as :
🔸expressive, independent, original, prefers Ideas & People
✦ can be complicated, emotional, impulsive, independent
✦ generally avoids highly ordered or repetitive activities, may be chaotic
✦ has the skill / natural talent / can develop skills for any artistic category
✦ highly values & enjoys self-expressive activities, may feel it’s their ‘calling’
✦values all creative arts

CONVENTIONAL – sees self as :
🔸 detail-oriented, orderly, steady, prefers Data & Things
✦ can be careful, conforming, conservative, conscientious, self-controlled
✦ generally avoids ambiguous, unstructured activities
✦ good at ordering activities, paying attention to details, following a set plan, organizing or doing clerical work
✦ likes to work with numbers, records, &/or machines
✦ values success in business

ENTERPRISING – sees self as :
🔸 ambitious, energetic, sociable, prefers Data & People
✦ can be adventurous, ambitious, energetic, persuasive, risk-taking
✦ generally avoids activities that require careful observation & scientific, analytical thinking
✦ good at leading & managing people, & selling things/ ideas
✦ likes a competitive environment, to organize, to persuade people, to sell things & ideas
✦ values success in business, leadership, politics

INVESTIGATIVE – sees self as :
🔸intellectual, precise, scientific, prefers Things & Ideas
✦ can be analytical, independent, intellectual, reserved, scholarly
✦ generally avoids leading, selling to, or persuading people
✦ good at working with abstract ideas, intellectual theories
✦ likes to study & solve math or science problems
✦ values science, analysis & exploration

REALISTIC – sees self as :
🔸 mechanical, practical, realistic, prefers Things
✦ can be determined, focused, frank, mechanical, practical or rugged
✦ generally avoids social activities (teaching, helping….)
✦ has good skills re. working with tools, mechanical or electrical drawings, machines, &/or athletic activities
✦ likes to work with plants & animals, is hands-on
✦ values practical things that can be seen, touched & used

SOCIAL – sees self as :
🔸 friendly, helpful, trustworthy, prefers People
✦ can be amusing, charming, entertaining, enjoyable
✦ generally avoids using machines, tools, or animals to achieve a goal
✦ good at counseling, nursing, teaching, giving info or 1st aid
✦ likes to be healing, nurturing, make the world better
✦ values being cooperative, supportive, & solving social problems

R.I.A.S.E.C. Personality Chart / in relation to Career choice =  Look thoughtfully at each descriptions & “check” any that apply to you. Count the number of check marks per column & mark the total in the box at the bottom.


RIASEC review



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