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Stack Energy – Motivations
#1: The Reformer
You’re wise to the faults we have in our world, & put all you efforts into making it a better place for everyone. You want to bring out the best in people, but that can easily become too harsh & too high a standard for them. You’re a very responsible person with a strong moral code, & can be caring – if you soften.
Core Desire: Be ethical & have integrity
Core Fear: Being immoral or corrupt

#2: The Helper
You have a deep understanding of your friends & family, insightful & can read people like an open book. You have a clear sense of responsibility & a feeling of love, wanting to help them when they’re in need. You sometimes question the validity of your own emotions, so instead – you focus on others’ by making thoughtful gestures.
Core Desires: Be loved & feel wanted
Core Fears: Being rejected & labeled as “too needy.”

#3: The Achiever
You have trouble sitting still for too long, wanting to keep moving & doing something useful. When working, you make sure to do everything quickly & efficiently. You’re a quick learner with an optimistic attitude, making an excellent mentor at work. But you sometimes feel like you’re only known for achievements.
Core Desires: Be successful & respected
Core Fears: Being a failure & feeling worthless

#4: The Individualist
You ‘re a creative soul with a unique style, wanting to show the world the beauty that being yourself expresses. You don’t have a problem talking about your struggles with others because those are what makes you who you are. You have spot-on intuition,  are very sensitive & can often get caught up in your emotions.
Core Desires: Be authentic & unique
Core Fears: Being insignificant & flawed

#5: The Investigator
You have a hunger for learning, & like taking the time to soak up all the details of topics you’re interested in, to better understand them. You make every effort to analyze the fine print of assignments or documents before making final decisions. You like being alone, but can sometimes over-isolate & then feel lonely.
Core Desires: Be knowledgeable & self-sufficient
Core Fears: Being helpless & ignorant

#6: The Loyalist
You enjoy surrounding yourself with the many friends you’ve developed through your warm & compassionate attitude. You’re very loyal to the ones you love, witty & helpful, which also make you an excellent problem-solver.  You hate being alone because your thoughts are ‘loud’, & when there’s no one available to support you, you tend to over-think.
Core Desires: Have enough support & feel secure
Core Fears: Being abandoned & feeling Fear

#7: The Enthusiast
You love to have fun & live life like there’s no tomorrow, known among your large circle of friends as the life of the party. You have a way of bringing people together with your bubbly, energetic attitude. Your curiosity feeds on new experiences – afraid of missing out on all the excitement or being left behind by your friends.
Core Desires: Be happy & feel unrestrained
Core Fears: Being left out & feeling trapped

#8: The Challenger
You have a straightforward, hands-on approach to things, knowing what needs to be done, & aren’t afraid to do it. You have tremendous confidence in your actions, always knowing what you’re doing & why, which makes you leadership material. You dislike being bossed around by anyone, & you get angry when they try.
Core Desires: Be independent & protective
Core Fears: Being controlled & feeling vulnerable

#9: The Peacemaker
You don’t like conflict, so you resolve difficulties between others to keep the peace for everyone’s benefit. You’re empathetic & open-minded, allowing you to see different perspectives in disputes. You’re afraid that people in your friendship groups may fall out & separate, so you keep the peace no matter what it costs you.
Core Desires: Be stable & feel at peace
Core Fears: Being in conflict and losing connection with others


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