Organizational Politics – TYPES (#1)

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⬆️ 12 Types to Avoid – read explanations

NEGATIVES TYPES – create tension, inhibit employees’ ability to perform well, harming teams & employee morale. Most business with a staff can end up hiring one or more of these office politics personalities. If their skills are crucial to the operation, it will take a clever boss to cope with the harmful ones successfully.

☛ Credit thief
They will do whatever it takes to get ahead, such as stealing ideas from co-workers or passing other people’s work as their own.
To counter their false claims or avoid being their victim, boldly & often speak up – sharing your own ideas in front of colleagues in team meetings. Also, provide your boss with regular updates on your progress so they’ll never be confused about who should get credit for your work.
If talking in public is hard for you, check out team-building as an introvert.

☛ Flatterer / Fawner
They compulsively pass out compliments left and right, trying to win everyone over, especially those in authority. Besides pretty words, it may show up assaying co-workers by asking co-workers for help and ideas – but with little reciprocation if any.

They’re rarely very ambitious or highly driven, more likely motivated by fear & the search for security, wanting the boss to be their protector. But hard-core suck-ups are dependent on poor leaders, latching onto very successful narcissists who want to have yes-men around them.
If you’re not a sucker for flattery, you’ll recognize they’re not being real, so they can just be ignored.

☛ Gossip hound
These people are the know-it-alls about what’s happening around the office, & aren’t afraid to share every last detail with anyone who’ll listen. They love spilling secrets to co-workers or sharing confidential info on social media. They’re short on discretion, boundaries & respect for other’s privacy.

Around gossip hound, conversations must stay focused strictly on business plans, decisions & progress.  If the talk starts to drift to someone’s personal life, remove away quickly.

☛ Grumpy Players
They operate on the assumption that the fewer people who can task them, the more office status they gather.  Their office politics is played very defensively, protecting their desk-turf from encroachment & keeping as much of their time for themselves as possible. The 2 main types are the:
‣ Aggressives – the colleague who scare off others by always being on the verge of exploding &/or yelling at others
‣ Passive-aggressives – who are just protecting their “me” time, or trying to defend against very aggressive taskers but have no idea how to do it assertively.

☛ Lobbyist
This person is closest to the power centers at work. They campaign hard, aligning themselves with influence groups to sway opinions in their favor – to accomplish their specific goals.
A more intense version is the Office Crusader. The lobbyist could take lessons from these crusader types. They push even harder to get others on their side of just about any issue, often swaying opinions by attrition. While neither type appreciates hearing differing opinions, others need to explain dissenting viewpoints to – hopefully – open them to new ideas.

☛ Office joker
At first glance, these co-workers seem to get along with everyone, making light of everything. With some people, kidding around & laughing may be a genuine attempt
to relieve tension, but the constant joker has an ulterior motive.

Especially if they’re mainly ‘cute or clever’ around supervisors, it’s safe to assume they’re being manipulative. They’re trying to build connections with higher ups to get preferential treatment, or possibly damage others’ reputations to advance their own career by making jokes at the expense of co-workers.  They’re not actually funny, so stay clear & let the boss deal with with them

☛ Overachiever
Usually they’re high on personal drive & low on empathy. And whatever empathy they have gets trampled by their ambition, which is stronger than any consideration for others.

• Nurtured ones grew up in families with high expectations., & so feel pressured to perform & are more likely to be burn-out candidates.
• Inborn ones do it for themselves. Those who “enjoy their own drive” don’t get nearly as stressed out.

Overachiever types:
⚛︎ Dr. Jekylls – they can be nice on their own or when nothing is at stake, but turn into monsters around bosses, upper management or any opportunity to “shine”
⚛︎ 24/7s  – always “on”, they’re forever pursuing power-opportunities. You can’t be their friend, & they’re often lonely
⚛︎ Socially skilled – they’re the most dangerous – putting on a face of fairness & caring, but take any opportunity to ‘stab you in the back’ or ‘throw you under the bus’. It takes high emotional intelligence to sniff them out early

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