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 ⛩ INTUITIVE / THINKING Types (MORE for the healthy version of each)

▪︎ Destructive INTPs are haughty & careless, drifting in their own little world. They avoid responsibilities, neglecting or ignoring family & anyone in their care. They scoff at moral codes, treating people like tools or objects to use & throw away, talking harshly & not caring about the hurt they cause.
They like to toy with others just to see what happens, since to them everything is about cause-&-effect or experimentation. They look down on ‘the masses’ for being less intellectual or ‘enlightened’. They don’t care what others do as long as they’re left alone, & anyone who tries to connect with them is avoided or treated with silent hostility

▪︎ Destructive ENTPs are arrogant, dishonest & self-centered. They live in a constant haze of ideas, which is not bad by itself, but this type will go to any lengths to chase those ideas. They may lie, trick or steal from others to get what’s needed to reach their next goal. They may also enjoy messing with people – like Trolling is considered ‘good fun’ – unaffected by any pain they cause. They’re totally undependable, abandoning ‘loved ones’ to follow ever-changing whims. They’re a charming & good-hearted friend to anyone showing interest in their plans, but the minute that person rejects an idea, the ENTP will mock, bully or discriminate against them

▪︎ Destructive INTJs are cold, arrogant & controlling. They’re contemptuous of & condescending to anyone who doesn’t value their same vision or sense of logic. They believe their intuition & predictions are always right, stubbornly sticking to their ideas without ever considering other viewpoints. They get agitated & vindictive toward anyone who criticizes or contradicts them

They may enjoy belittling others & taking sarcastic jabs, considering themselves more enlightened & intelligent than the rest of humanity. They either isolate because they’re so disappointed in their fellow man, or they’ll micro-manage everyone, forcing them to obey every command. If their vision is evil, they’ll be terrifyingly effective at forming plans that would be disastrous for humanity

▪︎ Destructive ENTJs are dominating, aggressive & quick-tempered. They have a clear vision for the future & will try to force everyone to follow their ideas, ignoring other points of view. Everyone else’s feelings & values are considered stupid, since they’re extremely proud of their ‘logical superiority’. They have a fiery temper & can be intimidating bullies, using a quick wit & cold hard logic as weapons to humiliate & silence opponents. They consider themselves above emotions & subjective feelings but will become moody, wallowing in self-pity when things don’t go their way. They enjoy using their intuitive perceptions to play mean tricks. Domination is their game & they get increasingly power-hungry as they devolve.

= = = = = =


▪︎ Destructive INFPs are self-absorbed & self-righteous, wavering between being passive & blatantly judgmental. They love living in fantasy, ignoring practical realities of daily life, neglecting or abandon family & anyone else who cares about them. They feel morally superior or more ‘righteous’ than anyone else, so married to their idealism that everyone in the real world seems flawed & disappointing. They isolate & silently criticize, over time becoming harsher & more condemning. They can get so obsessed with their own inner imagination that they avoid or berate anyone who tries to find a way into their heart

▪︎ Destructive ENFPs are manipulative, self-absorbed & disloyal. They believe the world revolves around their interests & ideas, only ‘caring’ about others based on how much they can get from them. They jump from one idea or relationship to the next, flaking on plans & shirking responsibilities without a second thought. Inspiration & stimulation is everything, & they’ll try to grab them any way possible, even by deceit or immoral acts. They’re so sure of their own visions that they lash out at anyone who opposes them or questions their abilities. They ignore physical needs, & can become more self-destructive as health & nutritional needs are neglected

▪︎ Destructive INFJs are manipulative, scheming & self-righteous. Above all, they want to fulfill their vision for the future, going to any lengths to reach their goals, using people in the process. They rationalize their actions based on ‘the end justifying the means’, not valuing human interactions, living in a subjective fantasy world.

They consider themselves more broad-minded than others, assuming any input from the outside is worthless. When they hurt someone they don’t feel guilty, but will try to avoid that person, to not face their own wrongdoings. In ‘close’ relationships they’re often passive-aggressive, using people’s shortcomings against them for blackmail. When called out, they’ll slide into self-pity, & shut out anyone who doesn’t show them complete approval

▪︎ Destructive ENFJs are dramatic, overbearing & manipulative. They like to influence or push people into conforming to their opinions & “vision”. They’re convinced their way is always best, so anyone who disregards their ‘friendly’ advice is bullied passive-aggressively. They respect rank & authority, treating those people with respect & eager attentiveness, while looking down on anyone they feel is less ‘sophisticated’. They share other people’s secrets without remorse, pick on the underdog, & kiss up to anyone who can help them advance a vision or idea for the future. They’ll seem incredibly warm & exuberant in person, then ridicule & mock you to others behind your back.


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