MASLOW’s pyramid of NEEDS – Physical (Level 1)

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Original PYRAMID
started with 5 levels, but later in life added 3 others (future posts)

Level 1.

a. Homeostasis : biological compounds that maintain an internal, biological balance, such as appropriate concentrations of salt, sugar & water in the blood. If any one of these is ‘off’, we have an urge to eat foods that bring these levels back into balance

b. Non-homeostatic : essential for survival of the organism, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, breathing, sex, environments that allows for a constant body temperature, a good working environment…… If any one is missing or deprived, it will immediately get the highest priority

Both categories are deeply rooted in biology. So if someone is stripped of material possessions & psychological identity (like in jail or at war), physical needs will be the main push behind all actions, with a constant search for places to provide them

All basic needs have to be continually replenished throughout life. 🤑 At a large bike rally held near a Wal-Mart, employees noticed that when temperatures went above 88º, beer sales went down & water sales went up.

EXP: FOOD Pyramid
USDA’s pyramid is outdated & has been replaced by Dr. Walter Willett et al, at the Harvard School of Public Heath. It’s explained in  Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy, which gives the scientific basis for each of the Healthy Eating Pyramid’s building blocks, based on the best science available. It’s considered the right balance of 50% carbs, 15% protein & 25% fats, which can prevent some diseases & prolong life. (ALSO…)

🍎  😴  🔥 😛
♦ EXCEPTIONS – In real life, Maslow’s hierarchy doesn’t always follow his fixed order : 
Physiological & Safety needs are of the body (Level 1 & 2).
• Levels often combine out of order, so when resources are scarce, it’s possible to compensate by getting a higher level Need met instead.
EXP: If there’s not enough food, or living conditions are unsafe, “Love/ Belonging can help a great deal (#3 over 1 & 2) – as in Dolly Parton’s childhood, memorialized in “Coat of Many Colors

b. Love/acceptance & Esteem are needs of the ego (#3 & 4).
Although Self-esteem first comes from being loved unconditional, later – it comes from succeeding at activities that are hard but doable.
Also, Esteem can pair with Safety – to be able to take risks, to fail, to look foolish…. (2 & 3)
In general, people tend to deal with food & safety needs appropriately. Re. food – we move toward things that satisfy hunger, or when very scared, we run away or fight. (FFF)

However, contrary to Levels 1 & 2, combined Love & Esteem needs (#3 & 4) can drive actions that make things worse.
– Those who get love become more lovable. But not enough  love will make people jealous, possessive, or otherwise undesirable, leading to more deprivation
– Those who succeed become more successful. But trying & failing at too many things or at one thing too often, makes people fearful & dejected, which lowers their performance, further undermining self-confidence, eroding success

Another difference between points a. & b. (body vs ego) is that, as adults, we can meet Levels 1 & 2 needs more or less on our own, but we look to others for Love & Esteem (#3 & 4) – yet chasing people down for those needs drives them away

And in some cases a need might be completely absent: “Some people who have been deprived of love in early childhood (Belonging) may experience the permanent loss of love needs”, leading to severe isolation or withdrawal.

c. Basic needs can combine with Transcendent, Spiritual soul needs:
Once each year Muslims celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan (#8 – added version), when they don’t eat or drink anything from dawn to dusk (#1) while still having to be productive in their daily lives.

🔥 ACoAs – We think / feel that we’re starving for love & approval (#3) – & we are! – but sadly, we carry a deep injunction against being loved – as if wanting it is a character defect.
And our WIC is convinced we can’t love anyone. NOT true, but for us, Safety (2) is more important than Love (3). So, many of us are stuck at #2, because our family denied & distorted all levels, leaving us terrified – in deprivation mode. Recovery is about providing as much of #1 & 2 as we can, in order to Heal & Grow.

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