INTROVERTS – True or False (Part 1)

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Revenge of the Introverts (scroll down)

Es = Extroverts // Is = Introverts

PREJUDICES & Corrections

FALSE: You are either an introvert or an extrovert
TRUTH: Introversion & extroversion is on a continuum, & complex. While some people land more at one extreme or the other, most people have some of both tendencies, quiet in some situations & loud in others, alternating between grabbing the spotlight & standing in the wings….. Some studies indicate Is are up to 50% of the U.S. population, while others say that Es dominate western cultures. Ours definitely favors E behavior, considering it ‘better’ for success. Not true – since both Types shine in many of the same areas of life, but with a different emphasis on style & interactions

FALSE: They’re all weird
TRUTH: Introverts are often individualists, ‘following their own drummer’, valuing eccentricity, not making most decisions by what’s popular or trendy. They think for themselves, often challenging the norm, & prefer being valued for their uniqueness

FALSE: They’re stuck-up nerds

TRUTH: It’s not that they don’t notice what’s going on around them (most are actually very observant), it’s just that their inner world is much more interesting & rewarding to them. Without Is there would be few artists, doctors, filmmakers, musicians, mathematicians, poets, philosophers, scientists, writers…. They need to be acknowledges for their inborn temperament, & respected for their contributions to humanity 
SEE: “Top 10 Benefits Of Being An Introvert

FALSE: They’re sneaky & devious
TRUTH: Because they go off by themselves a lot & don’t share themselves willy-nilly, Es can be suspicious, assuming they’re hiding something. Instead, Is simply need alone-time to revitalize – not making plans to swindle, steal or take over the world (like in “Pinky & the Brain”)

FALSE: Introversion is ‘wrong’, so Is need to become extroverted

TRUTH: There’s nothing to fix, because they’re not broken! Since it’s the way one is born, no matter to what degree, it’s as ‘normal’ as one’s height, gender, nationality……

FALSE: They’re mentally inept, even stupid
TRUTH: As a group they’re intelligent & insightful. Anyone willing to observe & listen to them will find them a fountain of useful knowledge, with well-constructed thinking. Being quiet does not = stupidity, just like being loud doesn’t = intelligence One study (Silverman, 1986) suggests that people with higher IQ tend to be more introverted (along with curiosity, concentration, wide interests…..), but Introversion itself does not cause brainyness

FALSE: They are arrogant
TRUE: No more than some Es – arrogance is an equal-opportunity flaw. It’s normal for Is to be preoccupied with thinking & processing info internally, which can get them labeled as snobby, like they think they’re superior. Actually, Is are cool in the beginning with people they don’t know, waiting to see who they’re dealing with, but warm up if the other person is sincere

FALSE: They don’t like to talk
TRUTH: They’re more likely to be listen carefully, & to think before contributing.  If there are a lot of people around (mostly Es), Is can have a hard time getting a word in edgewise, so they’re quiet, but alert. They don’t see any point in voicing a well thought-out opinion if it will fall on deaf ears. But get an introvert started on something they’re interested in, & they won’t shut up for days. There are some Is who talk to everyone they run into, but they keep it light, saving depth for a few intimates.

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