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ENTJ – The EXECUTIVE / Chief / Mobilizer

Most COMMANDING  – “World Dominator”
2.7% males, 0.9% females

GOAL: To strategize.  
ENTJs are assertive, decisive, outspoken & straightforward. They’re driven to be in charge, readily stepping into leadership roles, & express their ideas forcefully. They value knowledge & competence, with little patience for inefficiency or disorganization. Intelligent & well-informed, they usually excel at public speaking.

They’re career-focused, & live in a world of possibilities, viewing problems as challenges to overcome.  Excellent at understanding difficult organizational problems, they can create solid solutions.  Because they see the big picture & think strategically about the future, they can efficiently mobilize people & resources to meet long-term goals.
Although not naturally tuned into others’ feelings, they can a have strong sentimental streaks.

They’re: authoritative, calculated, challenging, efficient, intense, questioning, strong, strategic, structured.  But not all are bossy & narcissists.

Hidden Side : They are usually not Machiavellian. Their strong sense of individualism often extends to others, making them respectful of others’ uniqueness – using their brave, outspoken nature to amplify the voices of others who may be going unheard. They’re often the ‘bully’s bully’ – if they see someone being picking on who can’t fight back, you can bet they won’t hesitate to put that offender in their place. They may seem tireless & unsinkable, but when they don’t live up to their own standards, they’ll temporarily withdraw from their efforts to regroup

Life’s Purpose: Thrive in the impossible
• Their Law: You shall always obey my orders!
• They Comfort others by saying: You don’t have to be sad – we’ll get ice cream or something

• They Say: I make the rules. I’m in charge here! You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. I know how to be tough when the situation calls for it
Communication:  They’ll start the conversation if you catch their eye, but you may be doing something they don’t like, so be prepared to run.  They should stop talking about world domination.

Weaknesses:  Arrogant, cold, controlling, dominant, impatient, intolerant, ruthless, stubborn, deny & mishandle emotions
Manipulate: Make others seem less-than with their holier-than-thou attitude, & treating everyone like pawns in their personal life-game

Paradoxes: Leader & stubborn. They’re good at organizing others, & their plan is always better than yours.
Judge people: by their competence  • Fear: Of intimacy
• Are Judged for: not being competent at life

Become STRESSED from situations shown in the illustration
ENTJs believe the source of their distress is totally outside themselves, so they’re quick to blames others for their problems. They see people as needy & illogical, & systems or organizations as inefficient & hindering. They think everything & everyone is holding them back, afraid of being crushed underfoot, so they feel compelled to take matters into their own hands & set things right.

This makes them controlling, stubborn & insensitive to the delicate human element – which includes people’s emotions, ideals & limitations. Feeling increasingly stuck in a frustrating situation, ENTJs will feel out of control & act on visceral impulses – such as physical & verbal violence, manipulation, sexual addiction….

• Hate: Being wrong, close-mindedness, failure, immaturity, not being listened to, people who are ignorant or won’t work together, having to handle something with kid gloves. Someone getting into a position of power over them & then be really dumb. Asking for Help, because they’d rather do it their way

Don’t argue with ENTJs when they’re holding: you in high respect
• Never ignore them. • Never tell them: I want you to redo everything – this just isn’t good enough.

There’s more to ‘stupid people’ than you think.
ENTJs live in the dog-eat-dog world (often of their own choosing), driving themselves strongly, so they unfairly expect the same from others, intimidate people with their take-charge attitude.
They often overlook the contributions of others, ignoring the emotional needs of the people who implement their plans. To soften their harshness, they need to cultivate a confidant or small group of trusted supporters.
Also, playing games with their personal life is a waste of precious time. Finding the right mate may not be easy, but worth the effort. Until then, it would benefit them to get involved in something altruistic or ‘spiritual’ – to cultivate empathy & patience.

ENTJs need to accept that life’s imperfections & everyone’s subjective experiences (emotions) – are normal & natural. Logic is not the answer to everything, so insisting on it only forms an irrational, distorted worldview, causing frustration & disappointment.

ENTJ Relationships (More….)
You enjoy & are energized by stimulating interactions with people. You’re seen by your partners & friends as decisive & fair

• Thrive in any that have: Shared long-term goals  (More…)
• As a Friend, you’re the who’s always commenting on everything everyone does  • Annoyed when: someone’s not very good at ‘life’

ENTJ parent, child of ENTJ, ENTJ child

• Still single because: you’re too busy building your empire
• Unhealthy behavior: plant a keylogger to track your lover’s texts

Show interest by : Being hyper-critical 😦  (cleverness??)
Show Love : You give time & attention, offer advice & help, help them plan
• You want to hear: I’ll follow you

• You’re attractive/sexy because: you’re usually charismatic, calculating & confident in thought & deed – knowing what you’re doing, & pursue goals without needing to second-guess yourself. It makes others feel safe.

• You should DATE someone who: you can take care of & teach them how to be more practical. But also someone who can keep your ego in check, helps you get in touch with a wider variety of emotions, & can teach you to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings.

• To attract you someone needs to: have a strong character but not stronger than you. Who will assure you that being with them is a low-risk investment that will yield a sizable emotional return.

• Some Famous ENTJs: Presidents FDR & Nixon. Al Gore, Margaret Thatcher.  Harrison Ford, Steve Jobs, Dave Letterman, Whoopi Goldberg, Sigourney Weaver


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