MBTI – Introverts vs. Extroverts

MBTI basics #2b

SITE: ‘Key differences between Es & Is – info for bosses

• “Are Es or Is better salespeople?

In the next 2-3 months posts will focus extensively on the 16 Types, first the 8 Extroverts, starting with 😀ESTP, & then later the 8 Introverts, starting with 🤫ISTP.

🚎/🚗 The charts below outline some of the main differences between the 2 groups. These descriptions represent extremes. Remember that most of us are a combination of both, in some proportion (90-10, 70-30, 50-50…..),  favoring one style or the other throughout our lives. Because the 2 groups are bio-chemically pre-set (next post) we clearly express their preferences from the beginning of life – before the harmful effects of our upbringing distort them. But they’re always part of us, so we can reclaim them as we Recover.

ALSO: to understand ourselves well, we need to factor in other character parts that make each of us unique. Beside the basic MBTI designation (INTP….), each type has a ‘Cognitive Function stack <—-, & a Temperament (Artisan, Guardian….) in combinations of the basic 8 options  (NT, SJ….). Along with the MBTI, each of us also has our own Enneagram Type, Astrology sign, childhood experiences, social environment.spiritual belief,…. & taken together they make up our identity.

EXP: An ENFJ + Christian + Enneagram #8 + Pisces + Numerology 22/4 + an AGoA +++….. G=grandchild 🙂
All-in-one: The Pisces is very soft & passive, but the #8 is tough & assertive. The 22/4 is the entrepreneur, called The Master Builder, while the ENFJ is the Teacher / Giver.  Add in – being Saved, raised by 2 un-recovered ACoAs, an American growing up in 3 post-WWII European countries….  & we get a very different ENFJ or Pisces or #8…. than all the others in the world.

What’s YOUR unique combination?


  Tongue-in cheek, but not totally :

One of many example of how the 2 styles show up in business / entrepreneurial enenvironments.


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