Psychological DISORDERS – Psychopathy (Part 5c)

I know what to look for!

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SITE: “How to deal with a PS
* “Grey rocking – if you can’t go No-Contact” (re. NPDs)
* “Grey rock method of dealing with a Psychopath”



ORIGINPsychopathy is generally considered a combination of genetic & chemical imbalances. Scans of PS brain show the section responsible for impulse control & emotions (compassion & remorse) is not developed.  So they lack the proper neurological framework to develop a sense of ethics and morality.

PSs are born with cortical under-arousal, with temperamental characteristics such as impulsiveness & fearlessness, leading to a lot of risky activities.
Also, t
hey don’t ‘get’ (internalize) social standards of behavior, making it impossible to act appropriately. They’re just as likely to hurt their family & friends as they are strangers
IMP: PSs are not ‘insane’, as in losing touch with reality like in psychosis

<—- CHART, side view: In the extreme, Cluster B PD  people suffer from a brain anomaly dramatically affecting their mental abilities & a basic part of their personality. The anomaly is called Cave of septum pellucidum, causing the meso-temporal lobe to be diminished or starved. This scan shows reduced amounts of ‘grey areas’ in the prefrontal cortex & temporal poles, areas that normally play a vital role in expressing emotions & governing moral behavior.

Top view —> Affected people are not capable of a sense of self-worth, guilt, introspection, self-consciousness, awareness of consequences….. nor attachment to, empathy with, concern for, or even ‘like’ – much less genuine feelings of love – for anyone. Others have no meaning for the PS except to be used for personal gain. And with no conscience, there’s nothing internal to stop them from doing horrendous things to others, & believing that it’s ok. (VIDEO of child psychopath)

• “The LIE  (the more elaborate, the better) is the primary weapon used to snare their victims, & the inner justification for their right to cause harm. (like Bernie Madoff)

To a PS, lying is as easy as breathing, since they have no physiological reaction to thinking or expressing lies (blushing, heart racing, sweating). When caught, they just create more ‘stories’. They can be Narcissist, Victim, Con-artist or Professional (political, religious, absolute)” (MORE….)
For extensive characteristics, read posts Red Flags from PSs

FROM ‘Ms No world Order’ website: “They can be found in every culture, races & socio-economic levels. They thrive in a collective environment, & are common at the top of most power structures – corporate, government & religious.

Psychopaths are manipulative & can easily gain people’s trust because they’ve learned to mimic emotion, & so appear “normal” to the unwary. They’re often educated & hold steady jobs. Some are so good at faking & conning that they can have families & other long-term relationships without those around them ever suspecting their true nature. (Dexter)

These are the people we most associate with aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior, without empathy or remorse. They’re angry & deeply abnormal (unhealthy), who need to have control over others & cannot nor want to sense other people’s emotions. They get a high off of their anti-social actions.(MORE….)

1. Distempered PS
Primary:  violent predators, don’t respond to punishment
Secondary: risk-takers, are violent, but fear getting caught
2. Charismatic PS
Primary : can live the ‘big lie’
Secondary :  can tell the ‘small lie’& live with it

Abrasive – like to be different, can’t be trusted, will insult… to win an argument, always proud when they come out on top. They have no remorse – even for the greatest cruelty
Explosive – immediate & frequent access to their rage – taking it out on whoever is available. They can erupt unpredictably, & are savage when loosing control, taking down a victim before the person knows what just happened.

Malignant – driven by paranoia, but changing their beliefs & pt of view depending on how much they ‘like’ someone. Unlike other PSs, their methods are ineffective & backfire on themselves. They’re been the victim of terrible abuse from others & so are terrified of everyone, which generates elaborate horrendous revenge fantasies, which they obsess over but don’t do

• Malevolent
– cold-blooded & ruthless, paranoid &/or sadistic, they’re much more controlled than the Explosives. They’re convinced that the purpose of tender emotions in others (love, kindness, sympathy…. ) are only used to manipulate the PS, so they fear/hate those, & refuse to feel them.
They love power & get off on mistreating others. If they don’t get what they want they’ll react with arrogance, contempt & cruelty, & so includes many murderers & serial killers.

Tyrannical – cool & cunning & inherently violent, they’re turned on by the vulnerability of others. They’ll only target people to prey on who they sense will capitulate, & avoid resisters. Their victims must totally submit or join the PS as the weaker ‘partner’, delighting in the other’s humiliation & intimidation. They relish the suffering of others, often taking a token to relive the abusive experience.
Modified FROM Quantumcast – video

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