MULTIPLE Intelligences – Body (Part 2)

body / interpersonalI ALWAYS WONDERED
why I need to keep moving!

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QUOTE: “It’s not how smart you are, it’s how you are smart” – Howard Gardner, 1993

REMINDER: See Acronym page for abbrev.

BEAR images from “MargD Teaching Posters”


1. BODILY-KINESTHETIC (body-smart) – learn by moving.
These people process information through body sensations. Most have the ability to stay graceful & coordinated when using a range of physical skills or manipulating objects – unless they have ADD, a physical injury &/or childhood trauma still locked in the body
All emotional responses are rooted in finely tuned body-awareness. EXP – After seeing something intense, they may say: “It was gut wrenching, stomachs turning, heart pounding, took my breath away, I was shaken….
— communicate emotion through body language
— often talk with their hands, clown around in class
— excellent use of space, have great balance
— can mimic easily & well, good sense of ‘timing’
— good with sports and movement
— need to manipulate & handle objects, build things
— have nearly faultless mind-body coordination
— prefer hands-on experimentation
— don’t like to sit still for too long
— use their hands & whole body when talking
— can train responses to become like reflexes

ENJOY: building, dancing, drama, gesturing, running, touching
LEARN: thru physical activity (doing, tasting, making ‘messes’), acting out situations, role-playing
TOOLS: equipment and real objects

CAREERS: athletes, builders, craftspeople, dancers, fire-fighters, gym teachers, surgeons (More..)
INCREASE ability: do yoga, make crafts or build, ride a bike, dance, learn tai chi or any sport, the wave dance, walking tours / hikes, swimming

TECH ideas: Notetaker, navigating through software, WII, iPod Touch, Keyboarding, making video documentaries with iMovie, video or still cameras, record voice & sounds
VALUE of movement: Studies confirms that exercise can reverse age-related decline in the production of neural stem cells in the hippocampus of the mouse brain. Exercise restores a brain chemical which promotes the production & maturation of new stem cells.

FAMOUS People: Gene Kelly, James Brown, Michael Jordan, Martina Navratilova, Jim Carrey, Marcel Marceau
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2. INTER-PERSONAL (people-smart) – learn by talking with others.
These people are able to get along superbly with others, even as young adults, & are often leaders among their peers. They can see things from another’s point of view, so can understand how they think & feel. Knowing what makes people ‘tick’ can be used to their advantage, such as manipulating to get their own way. But most are considerate & genuinely care about others. They can range from party animals, to fighting for the the underdog, to being indecisive for fear of offending
— understand & interact well with others
— are effective both verbally & non-verbally
— enjoy deep conversations, can build trust
— good listeners, can read body language
— aware of moods & motivations in others
— can see through dishonesty
— good at organizing & conflict-resolution
— make good leaders, have many friends
— hate injustice, have empathy for others
— hurt when others hurt, will reach out to comfort
— generally try to keep peace in groups & encourage co-operation

ENJOY: community events, clubs, group games, having friends, leading, maneuvering, organizing, relating, talking. Need mentors
LEARN: through dialogues, group activities, seminars.
TOOLS: audio or video conferencing, eMail, phone, time & attention from instructors, writing

CAREERS: celebrity, counselor, diplomat, educator, religious or political leader, salesperson (MORE….)
INCREASE ability: practice active listening by repeating back what you think someone said. Learn about personalities types from Myers-Briggs, Enneagram…. create “dopamine-rich salons,” collaborate by working with someone who has complementary skills, invite someone from another culture to your home

TECH ideas: Simulation games with chat, Skype, online collaboration, Wikispaces, Google Doc, Blogger, chat rooms, ThinkQuest, VoiceThread, Group Powerpoint or Keynote, slide share
FAMOUS People: Gandhi, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Oprah, Clara Luper (cilvil rights leader), Haley Westenra (UNICF supporter), William Booth (Salvation Army founder)

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