Enneagram Flaws in us ALL – INTRO


Ennea-Language = Growth (each type)



Ginger Lapid-Bogda (Enneagram author, trainer, keynote speaker) on her site “The Enneagram in Business”, provides a variety of ways to understand how each Type handles the many positive & negative aspects of being human.

🤔 This series of posts includes the way each Type exhibits each of the Fixations (Habits of Mind) normally associated with only one of the Enneagram styles – each in our own specific way.

◆ Included are the 3 Instinct sub-types of Self-preservation, Sexual & Social groupings (Def. & QUIZ) which effect the strength & style of how each Type expresses each the fixations
NOTE: Virtues / Gifts for each Type in another series

DEFINITIONS – basic for each characteristic:
Cowardice – typically associated with SIXES. It’s the fear of taking actions, from doubt & worry caused by continual thoughts of worst-case scenarios. It’s found more strongly in the Self-Preservation version of any Type who is more concerned with safety, security, & least trusting / most wary.

– typically associated with TWOS. It’s trying to be accepted by a person or group – by giving them compliments, gifts or other forms of attention

Laziness / Indolence = avoidance of activity or exertion, typically associated with NINES. It’s the process of mentally diffusing our attention so we forget what’s important to us, & keeps us from stating our own opinions, in order to minimize our conflict with others

Moodiness / Melancholy
: typically associated with FOURS. It’s thinking about what’s missing in oneself or one’s life, along with feeling disconnected or separated from others

Planning – typically associated with SEVENS. It refers to the mental process by which the mind goes into “hyper-gear,“ moving in rapid succession from one thing to another, without peaceful consideration

– typically associated with ONES. It’s paying attention to flaws in oneself & others, so that nothing ever seems good or good enough

– typically associated with FIVES. It’s a scarcity paradigm that leads to an insatiable thirst for knowing, a reluctance to share – knowledge, time, space & personal information. Also strategizing about how to control one’s environment

– typically associated with THREES. It’s strategic thinking / planning about how to create an idealized image, a self-absorption about how we seem to others

– typically associated with EIGHTS. It’s the mental process of wanting to balance out wrongs done to us (real or imagined), with angry thoughts of blame, & plans for intimidation & punishment

Distorted Lens – difficulty listening to & accepting many points of view, or being able to objectively evaluate different aspects of a problem or situation, when colored by the focus of our specific version of the world

Hanging on
– to anything that keeps us stuck, so that energy can’t flow through us. It skews perspective & limits options, which can lead to disappointment

– whenever we can’t see people & situations in perspective, OR without a fixed point of reference in life, adding more distortion to our specific Type

Maya (illusion/ delusion
) – can mean the power by which the universe is manifest, BUT used here to mean the appearance of or illusions in the physical world.
Illusion (Maya) = unreal vision // Delusion = false belief

Worry – mental obsession on past distressing actions / events, OR projecting negative outcomes in the future – to the point of dulling our awareness to real danger in the present.
Habitual, unconscious worry blocks us from direct contact with something greater than ourselves (H.P.) & compromises our ability to be whole.

NEXT: All type FLAWS – Type 1

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