Enneagram – Type STRENGTHS (Part 2)

ennea strenghI CAN REST EASY
in the castle of my identity


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BOOK: The VISUAL Enneagram (pictures)

REMINDER: In this context – EGO = FALSE SELF
NOT the same as a HEALTHY EGO,
and read “EGO”)

To appreciate the POSITIVES of our Type, it helps to put the work of the Enneagram in context.
Chasing ‘healthiness’ is not the main goal of the Enneagram – but rather to become aware of our unique Role in the larger scheme of life, & experience how it plays out in every-day experience. Our fixation behavior – the acting out of the Defect – is Ego trying to hang on to its particular corner of Reality.
EXP: #5: “I must fill the unfillable hole of not-knowing”.enn HIGHER OCTAVE

● Yet our unconscious pull toward Essence, with its way of higher thinking & feeling, suggests that each Number represents an archetypal energy pattern, a Higher Octave, self-aware of the deeper characteristics of Reality. This awareness can increase self-knowledge & a deeper connection to Spirit. (Enn in Motion)

● When our focus is on being less & less attached to our usual (defensive) way of functioning, it naturally results in healing the split between parts of ourselves, between ourselves & others, & between us & our Higher Power. Transpersonal* experiences allow us to see ourselves as we are meant to be – in our current state, but moving toward being whole.
*Transpersonal means growing beyond narrow or personal needs, from “experiences in which the sense of self-identity extends beyond (trans) the individual, to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche or cosmos”. (Shakti – 10/16/05)

● The combination of the 9 Types make up a total Microcosm of the human viewpoint. The movement toward Presence (the ‘work’ is to become awake to a Higher Truth) starts at the Mechanical / Automatic way of functioning on the right side – thru #1-the way of the body, #2-the way of love & #4-the way of power, which need to be learned before moving up the left side. Growth proceeds around the Inner Points via the ‘spiritual’ octave Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do, toward full Essence /Consciousness (#9), as taught by Gurdjieff.

being/grace/mercy● The universal principles – Being, Grace, Mercy – also used in Enneagram study,  are divine forces which drive the engine of the universe & function according to spiritual laws in every octave, regardless of ones ‘developmental level’. Cosmic consciousness diversifies naturally into personality types (1-9) according to these principles, as:     Materiality, Desire, Conscious Labor, Power, Being, Intentional Suffering, Purification, Knowing, Essence.  (MORE…)

● As energy circulates around any octave, it is expressed by specific characteristics, depending on its proximity to the Divine. Each octave is a circulatory system with a set enn affirm deny reconciieof specific demands placed on it. These give some basic insight into the nature of Holy Affirming, Holy Denying & Holy Reconciling forces.
PINK = closest to the divine, (“do”, the absolute) are material expressions on the  right & wisdom, on the left.
GREEN = represents the heart, the mediating zone between the most holy at the top – and –
BLUE = manifestations of intelligence and awareness, being furthest from the divine, at bottom. (MORE….)

NEXT: Type Strengths (Part 3)



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