The BODY & Emotions (Part 4)

Body & Es (#3)

SITE: Diagnostic Features of Acute Stress Disorder (clinical)

BOOK: “Your Body Doesn’t Lie John Diamond – How the body gives us info via Kinesiology
Subjective: We each experiences Es in our own way, partly because of previous experiences & partly because of the language we use to describe them.
Also some people don’t consciously feel many Es (being repressed), even though the body is reacting to them in various ways, OR a person may not have the words to think or talk about them

Objective: Physical responses are the easiest part of Es to measure because scientists have developed special tools to do that with great accuracy. People have very similar internal responses to the same emotion when under stress, regardless of age, race, or gender.

CONTRASTING Es – Energy SIGNATURES  (American Addictions Center)

HEALTH & Es: Most of us know that emotions affect our physical bodies as much as the body affects how we feel & think. People who ignore, dismiss, repress or just vent (dump) Es set them selves up for physical illness.

Having painful emotions is not the problem – it’s carrying them unexpressed year after year, buried rather than released out of the physical & energetic body (meridians, organs, muscles….), wearing away at our physical & mental well-being. Long-term & chronic fear or rage damage our chemical, immune, endocrine & other physical systems

perpetraatorIn spite of what some teachings say, not all sickness is caused by emotional suppression, but also by genetics, poisons in food, water & the environment, world travel & importing of goods & supplies, harmful medicines …… so it’s imperative to accurately identify sources of illness AND not blame ourselves no matter what the cause!

EXP: A CAT scan showed one woman’s lungs riddled with tiny scars – causing shortness of breath with any exertion. Doctors say there’s no cure, inhalers don’t work, & acupuncture, Feldenkreis & BreathingRx treatments didn’t help.
The cause was surviving her apartment fire 20 yrs earlier, & then cleaning up all the water-logged, soot-ladened remains for several weeks. The emotional toll was enormous, but didn’t produce the physical scarring. The soot did.

Health problems related to Es  – Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

✶ How we interpret events can sometimes change our emotional state, BUT not always!  Some activities or situations are objectively bad & should not be given the benefit of the doubt or ‘reframed’ – like rape, incest, beating, murder, emotional or physical torture, neglect of the young & helpless ….

Shifting perspective about such actions will not change the character of the abuse! ⚑ What DOES need to change is:
🕴making excuses for the perpetrators (They did the best they could”)
🕴and blaming ourselves for being abused !! (Self-Hate)

EXP: At 36 Nina started dating a great guy – kind, smart, warm, & very spiritual. His ex-wife cheated on him & then left without taking their young daughter – but he never understood that his perfectionism strangled her.  He said he’d forgiven her & wasn’t angry – that anger was unspiritual & unacceptable.
Nina knew this was a warning sign that he was emotionally unsafe, since it put such unrealistic pressure on her too – but wasn’t quite ready to let go.

After some weeks of dating, Nina noticed her elbow & wrist joints were sore, but figured she was too young for arthritis. After talking to several people, it dawned that the pain was from holding back her anger at feeling controlled by his perfectionism & ‘beliefs’. That same day the pain in her arms disappeared! It wasn’t long after that they broke up.


NEXT: Identifying Emotions – #1

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