Enneagram : MIS-USING Strengths (#1)

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Intelligence Center DEFENCES
Enneagram coach Chris Heuerz has explored the meaning of the Enneagram Passions, which identify some of the clearest archetypal aspects of the human character.
“I don’t believe the Passions are mainly “sins” nor the shape of one’s tragic flaw, but rather more like Claudio Naranjo’s view as a “thirst for being, ultimately based on a loss of contact with True Self…. because of our original wounds & loss of innocence”.
The Passions are “… our ego’s basic coping tools to reconnect with essence … which we instinctually use in an unconscious attempt to find our way home…. ”

So Heuerz makes use of the 3 Intelligence Centers, the primary ‘organs of perception’ about ourselves, the ways we try to explain our fundamental experiences.
(Body= 8,9,1) (Heart= 2,3,4)(Head= 5,6,7)

ULTIMATE GOAL : To integrate what’s been disassociated from our Center – whatever limits our ability to express True Self – first requires identifying the components :
🔸 Body’s Carnal Hunger + Heart’s Emotional Ache = Head’s Existential Restlessness
🔸 Heart’s Emotional Ache + Head’s Existential Restlessness = Body’s Carnal Hunger
🔸Head’s Existential Restlessness + Body’s Carnal Hunger  = Heart’s Emotional Ache.

Then we can understand the whole:
🔹Carnal Hunger + Emotional Ache + Existential Restlessness = the Passion (MORE…. w/ explanations)


I create unattainably high standards for myself & others
☀︎ It feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders – because I can see problems all around me & feel responsible to fix them
☀︎ I get attached to a specific routine or structure, & don’t let myself or others step out of the box or be spontaneous

☀︎ I offer solutions & advice even tho’ the recipient may not want or need it
☀︎ I’m so focused on the details that tasks become more complicated or time-consuming than “necessary” – because something could always be better
☀︎ I take on excessive amounts of work – because I’m capable of doing it, even when it can be delegated to someone else

☀︎ I completely take on how others feel (which can get quite heavy) &  pressure myself to take action to help them
☀︎ I connect to others faster or deeper than they may be ready for
☀︎ I give too much thought to how others may be feeling – that it interferes with my decision-making

☀︎ I feel like I know others better than they know themselves, & only lead them in ways I think is best for them
☀︎ I make myself indispensable to the point of exhaustion
☀︎ I taking on the responsibility of keeping the environment positive & happy, even though I may not be

☀︎ I always present a sense of composure, even when occasionally it would benefit me to be somewhat vulnerable
☀︎ I keep striving to make a bigger & better difference, which can lead to feeling like nothing is ever enough
☀︎ I focus so much on solutions & action that I neglect important details, or input from others

I over-focus on external growth & forget to slow down (or even pause)
☀︎ I subconsciously adapt so much – that it becomes hard to identify my sense of True Self
☀︎ I put tremendous pressure on myself (maybe too much?) to get things done & deliver results

☀︎ I get stuck in my emotions after an intense experience
☀︎ I over-emphasize creating an authentic & vulnerable environment for others before they may be ready for it
☀︎ I over-focus on doing what looks & feels the best – even though it may be impractical

☀︎ I prioritize “never done before,” out-of-the-box solutions – to the point that starting the project feels so daunting /overwhelming that I can’t get started
☀︎ I’m so willing to be emotionally vulnerable – that it sometimes leads to regretful over-sharing (TMI)
☀︎ I stay in such a deep state of introspection & overthinking – that I neglect practical tasks

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