Enneagram : MIS-USING Strengths (#2)


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IMAGES : ” I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know, but I DO Know This” (2019) ⤵️

☀︎ I dismiss others’ opinions because they’re supported by intuition or emotions rather than factual analysis

☀︎ I get so content that I miss out on good things that I may really enjoy
☀︎ I get so comfortable observing – that I don’t put myself in the ring (even if it can benefit me)

☀︎ I focus so intently on planning – that it’s all consuming – so there’s no room for spontaneity
☀︎ I keep researching to the point that I can’t make a decision – because I’ve just uncovered so many more things I don’t know
☀︎ I only rely on data – without considering how decisions or perspectives will affect my emotional state

☀︎ I cling so tightly to my set of plans that I can’t enjoy them
☀︎ I feel overly responsible for all the little details, & for making sure things go well
☀︎ I’m so aware of what might happen – that I forget to acknowledge all of the good that’s currently happening in my life

☀︎ I overthink everything – to the point that I’m stuck in analysis loops
☀︎ I stay fully committed to a situation that is no longer serving me – because I’m loyal, & am more comfortable with white-knuckling my way through – than with stepping into the unknown
☀︎ I take on tremendous worry and concern for those I truly care about

☀︎ I choose to only see what’s going well, & overlook important problems that need to be addressed
☀︎ I consistently chase the next jolt of excitement – so I miss the chance to cultivate something I already love doing
☀︎ I make everything into a positive – even when it would actually help to look at the big picture, including the minuses

☀︎ I over-focus on an exciting solution to a problem / task / situation – to the point that I forget to consider the practical action-steps that are needed
☀︎ I pressure myself to be the cheerful & supportive person in the room, even when it feels like too much for me to do
☀︎ I recognize that I’m doing too much & running myself into the ground, but continue full speed ahead – because I assume I can handle it all

☀︎ I focus so intently on being competent – that I have *negative* patience for people who work slowly or don’t know what they’re doing
☀︎ I get over-zealous toward others when trying to get them to apply my helpful suggestions
☀︎ I’m so focused on reaching the end goal of a project or plan – that I overlook others’ opinions or feelings about it

☀︎ I over-work & “push through” – way past the point of exhaustion
☀︎ I take on too much of the workload (because I’m so capable) & miss an opportunity to empower someone else to us their talents
☀︎ I take on the responsibility of fighting others’ battles, sometimes without their permission or need

☀︎ I get so focused on not offending others – that it’s hard to get my point across, even though I sometimes feel it’s really important to let others know I disagree
☀︎ I over-emphasize my understanding of others – that I blur the lines between empathy & enabling.
☀︎ I often sacrifice my own needs or wants – because it’s easier to go with the flow

☀︎ I prioritize supporting others – to the point that I leave myself behind
☀︎ I’m so good at making my own “comfy space” inside – that I mentally live there instead of engaging in the real world
☀︎ I’m so understanding of everyone’s perspective – that it’s hard to identify my own opinions


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