Enneagram MISTYPINGs (Part 2)


SITEs : Mistyping Podcast

☀︎” Which fictional character embodies your Enneagram Personality Type?”

On the path of self-discovery, it is utterly normal & totally expected that you will mistype yourself.  We might even say that it’s part of the process. Being human means that likely everyone will get it wrong at some point. This can happen for so many different reasons. —->

Here are some things that can be helpful when trying to figure the enneagram-number correctly :

1. LOOK at the number you think you are & research its Disintegration /Tension vs. Development/Growth arrows, and the 18 possible Wings. Become familiar with which behaviors those may exhibit, when healthy & when stressed. Which thought, feeling & doing patterns fit you best? Consider that you might actually be one of the Arrow numbers of the type you originally started with.
🔘 The Advantages of Mistyping in the Enneagram

2. Stances. Stances are the energy planes on which you
unconsciously live, emote & think.  They also relate to how you orient yourself to time.

Aggressive : 3s, 7s & 8s go out to meet the world with lots of
energy & force of will. They tend to do what they want and accomplish things with zest & passion. They’re future-oriented, because their thoughts & feelings often forecast what they think will happen, not what’s happening in the moment.

Sacred Delay – When Aggressives slow down & reflect on their pasts, they let their emotional center catch up with their heads & bodies, so they learn from past mistakes & difficulties, which
helps break out of unhealthy habits & repeating cycles.

Withdrawing : 4s, 5s & 9s find their equilibrium by removing themselves from the world to process or deal with the events that life throws at them. They are past-oriented, tending to dwell on memories or things that have just happened, often filtering the ‘now’ through the ‘then’.

Sacred Presence – When Withdrawers choose embodiment in the here & now, they become more aware of what is, rather than what was or what could be, helping them resist unhealthy retreating tendencies

Compliant (Dependent) :  2s, 6s & 1s move along with the people & events around them, not quite in touch with their own energy. They mold with either what’s expected of them, or what they assume is expected. They are present-oriented, having a grasp of the moment, but little thought goes to the future or remembering the past.

Sacred Vision – When Dependents lift their gaze to see beyond present circumstances, they become more open to a vibrant future beyond the tyranny of the urgent, helping them not be so focused on present tasks.

3. NOTICE how you move around in the world.
🔹Do you seem like a person who lives & breathes your feelings? Is everything about emotion & relationships? If so, a good place to start is the Heart Triad: Numbers 2, 3 & 4

🔹 Do you think, think, and think some more? Is everything carefully planned or researched? Then investigate the Head Triad: Numbers 5, 6 & 7

🔹Are you a do-er? Is acting from your gut second nature? You just know what to do, & go out and make it happen? Start
with the Body Triad: Numbers 8, 9 &1

SITEs: 3 Reasons You Might be Mistyping Your Ennea-Type

NOTE : Besides the reasons for mistyping listed in Part 1, another is that we may be living in one of our wings, while denying or minimizing the core number.
EXP : A ‘wounded’ insecure 8w7 who is afraid to express their power (8) – may spend so much of their efforts on “fun & distracting” activities (7) to avoiding deep trauma-pain – that they opportunities to develop their 8-strengths.
⬆️ We may be picking up too much of the negative characteristics of our Core-Type’s “Stress Arrow”.
EXP: A depressed type 3’s Stress number is 9. Having trouble standing out in life using their native ambition, they’re more likely to procrastinate & ‘blend in’, to sidestep challenges.

NEXT : Enneagram – 3 SUBTYPES

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