18 Laws of HUMAN NATURE (Part 3)

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REMINDER : ❗️See “Summary & Notes” for the extended explanations of each ‘law’

“LAWS” of HUMAN NATURE by R. Green (cont)
5. of Covetousness
6. of Shortsightedness

7. of Defensiveness
People don’t like someone trying to change their opinion. They look after our own interests, wanting to feel that they’re independent, following their own ideas. So when someone tries to persuade or change them, they become defensive & resistant.

RESPONSE : Soften people’s resistance by confirming their Self-Opinion. Don’t try to show how good you are nor challenge them directly. When you acknowledge their beliefs, they tend to let their guard down (some), making them more open to your suggestions. If you have valuable information & can get things done, you’re a force.

8. of Self-sabotage
Our attitude are self-fulfilling, painting everything we experience, learn & do, which determines much of what happens in our life. Mental attitude sits at the heart of success & pre-determines our ability to make the right moves.
See yourself as an explorer – always curious, open to learning new things. AND see adversity as opportunities to improve life, not something to be avoided. Understand that you can’t change people, so embrace & enjoy who those who are compatible, & manage how you behave with those who aren’t.

9. of Repression
People are rarely who they seem to be. Lurking beneath their polite, affable exterior is inevitably a dark, shadow side. It consists of the insecurities & aggressive, selfish impulses which are repressed &
carefully conceal from public view.

RESPONSE :  Confront your dark side – the selfish, greedy, or aggressive parts we hide in order to fit in and be liked / respected. Depression & anxiety comes from not being aware of these tendencies. By accepting them, you’ll become a more complete & authentic person, radiating that to others, which will attract them into your circle of influence

10. of Envy
People are envious – naturally compelled to compare ourselves with one another. Humans have an inclination to evaluate the quality of our own lives based on the values that are accepted by the mob. We continually measure people’s status, level of respect & attention
they receive, noticing any differences between what we have & what they have.

Beware the fragile ego. Develop your sense of self-worth from internal standards rather than by endless comparisons, & work on your personal progress, not attaching weight to someone else’s work.
Deflect others’ envy by drawing attention away from yourself & emphasize the role of luck in your life. Recognize the early warning signs of uneasiness with your success.- too much praise & people-pleasing, or subtle digs under the guise of good-natured humor.

11. Law of Grandiosity
Our natural grandiosity creates an unrealistic sense of superiority, encouraging the view of oneself as better than others. Even a small measure of success can make us lose contact with reality.  If the opinion of our goodness, greatness & brilliance diverges enough from reality, we over-blow our abilities, to compensate, leading to irrational or dangerous decisions.

RESPONSE : Know your limits. Humans want to think highly of ourselves, to the point we tend to imagine our superiority. Learn to identify the signs of elevated grandiosity in yourself and in others, including the 6 common illusions of grandiose leaders and how you can adopt practical grandiosity.

12. of Gender Rigidity
All of us have masculine & feminine qualities. Some is genetic, and some comes from the profound influence of the opposite sex parent. But we tend to repress these qualities, over-identifying with the role expected of us.
RESPONSE : Connect your masculine & feminine aspects, blending in the parts you’re most lacking. Recognize the various types of gender projections, to unlock your specific repressed qualities / energy. Then you’ll become more authentic & effective – drawing others to you. It will allow you to be more fluid in your thinking, which can unleash creative powers


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