18 Laws of HUMAN NATURE (Part 4)


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6 Characteristics of Human Nature”
A gallery of paintings that exemplify the human condition: Emotion, Rebellion, Chaos, Hard times, Work for what we want, & Self-image.

REMINDER : ❗️See “Summary & Notes” for the extended explanations of each ‘law’

“LAWS” of HUMAN NATURE by R. Green (cont)
11. Law of Grandiosity
12. of Gender Rigidity

13. of Aimlessness
The inherent tendency of humans is to roam around purposelessly – so we have to rely on making conscious decisions. In the back of our minds we can sense an overall lack of direction, being pulled this way & that way by our moods & the opinions of others

RESPONSE : We must be open to our internal, primal traits that make us unique. People become most successful when they have a sense of purpose in their life. A clearly-defined life-path gives us energy, even in moments of deep despair. Operating with a high sense of purpose aligns with who we are, allowing us to achieve more, in a meaningful, impactful life.

14. of Conformity
We have a social side to our character, so in group settings, we unconsciously imitate what others are saying & doing.
Resist the groups’ downward pull. We like to believe we’re independent & progressive, but actually can’t help conforming with our society. Recognize the dynamics / patterns found in whatever group you’re in, & notice specifically how you are influenced. Then help develop healthy groups with an upward pull.

15. of Fickleness
People are always ambivalent about those in power. They want to believe their emotions are pure & simple, when they’re actually ambivalent toward most things, including our leaders. They want to be protected & enjoy prosperity – without making sacrifices, to be led but also to feel free, to both worship the king & want to kill him. 

RESPONSE : The fundamental role of a leader is to provide a far reaching vision to unite the group. Authority is the delicate art of wielding power while making people feel like you are working for them. Make them want to follow you.  To embody all the traits you would want in a leader – you must work hard, leading from the front, to be calm, consistent, courageous, fair, tough & wise.

16. of Aggression
On the surface, people seem so polite & civilized, but under the mask, they’re inevitably dealing with frustrations., leading to anger. They have a need to influence people & gain power over circumstances. If they are blocked in these goals, they will become manipulative or outright aggressive.

RESPONSE : See the hostility behind the friendly façade. On the surface, people seem friendly & civilized but under the mask everyone has an aggressive side. Learn to recognize & manage chronic aggressors & counter passive-aggression. Be aware of your own aggressive tendencies, & harness the positive aspects of your assertive energy.

17. of Generational Myopia
People are born into a generation that defines who they are (more than they realize. Each generation forms certain tastes & values, wanting to separate itself from the previous one & set a new tone for the world. Then – as they get older, their values & ideas tend to become closed off from other points of view, limiting their thinking.

RESPONSE : Everyone is strongly defined by the generation we’re born into. Understand & honor how much the current time period affects you. Transitions can be seen over decades, seem to be universal across time & indicate that they are bigger than any one generation. Realize how history moves in cycles across generations, & how / where you fit in the wider patterns.

18. of Death Denial
Most people are terrified of death, & spend their lives avoiding the thought of it. To compensate, they continually look for ways to separate themselves from others to feel special, & therefore exempt.
RESPONSE : Understanding mortality is a powerful tool at your disposal seldom exploited to the maximum. The shortness of life ought to compel us to fight harder & stop procrastinating. Instead of avoiding such thoughts, leverage the paradoxical death effect, to make our life more productive & meaningful. Training ourselves to confront & accept this reality makes it easier to manage inevitable setbacks, separations & crises in life. It provides a sense of proportion, of what really matters in this brief existence of ours, so we can more easily deal with setbacks & obstacles.  (Modified REPRINT)


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