Personal Power – GROWTH (Part 3b)

PP Growth 


1. HOW to DEVELOP Personal Power
 (PP) cont
🌷e. Don’t Waste Energy Complaining
🌷f. Know & Commit to Your Values

🍃g. Practice self-care
It can take a while to learn how powerful & important self-care is. Hard work is important, but you lose your steam – if you don’t take the time to re-fuel & re-energize. This requires consistent attention to each of the PMES categories in your life (Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual needs) – a little at a time.

Only you know how to best replenish your body & soul. For some it’s daily following you spiritual practice . Maybe it’s a trip to the spa or an exercise routine. Whatever you choose, make sure to choose & schedule it. It’s the only way to maintain your PP.

🌷h. Make your Self-Worth INdependent of Others’ Opinions
Having PP means you’ve outgrown enough of the compulsion to need everyone’s approval, all the time – even though it can be a hard psychological addiction to break. When you do, you can devote much more time & energy to fulfilling your destiny.

It requires that you know who you are by hearing your needs & desires. It can be helpful to listen to others’ ideas & info, but they don’t have to agree with your decisions in order for you to be OK. Evaluate the merit of criticism – when received – but never allow any one person’s needs, ideas or demands determine your self-worth.

🌷i. Get Clear About What You Want
PP helps you determine specifically what you want to accomplish in each interaction or event – important or not. This includes what’s realistically possible & how you’d like to feel as a result.
Before any situation you know you’re going to be in, ASK :
🕴What’s my inner motivation? Hope? Expectation?
🕴What’s my practical purpose for doing it?
🕴Why am I going there, & with those people?
🕴What specifically do I want to get out of it?
🕴How do I want to present myself ?
🕴How do I want to be treated ? What can I expect?
🕴How do I want to behave, moving though the day?

Greater clarity = the more control over the outcome = more personal satisfaction.

🌷j. Know What’s Most Important
Knowing what you need & want is a good start. Then evaluate them all & decide what the most important ones are. Otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed & won’t get much done or feel satisfied. Take time to reflect on what you know about yourself. ASK :
⭐️ What’s my life’s purpose , & why does it matter to me ?
⭐️ What are my core values, & why are they important to me ?
⭐️ What am I really good at? My strengths ?
⭐️ What drives me to pursue the things I want?
⭐️ What am I passionate about & how fo I express it?

Knowing what’s most important to you makes you more centered & grounded when something doesn’t work out the way want or hoped for. PP won’t let you give up – even when you have to take a break to lick your wounds & recoup energy.

🌷k. Develop Drive and Focus
PP includes drive & focus, formed by trusting yourself to make the right decisions at the right time, consistently pushing you toward your goals. Having self-belief includes enthusiasm, a positive outlook, & ambition – to get us through tough times. Even with PP this not always easy. But these qualities keep you on track, progressively creating the momentum & confidence to fulfill your needs & desires

Acknowledge & declare your ambition. Women – in particular – have been taught to view ambition negatively. They want to be successful but feel awkward admitting it & letting others know.  Never apologize for having ambition!
PP gives you the courage to let family & manager know your personal & career interests. Then find mentors & sponsors to guide you toward your goals.

NEXT : PP Growth (#3c)

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