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Giving up the addiction is more than just giving up on the narc. 
It’s giving up
on the hopes & dreams they promised, but never fulfilled.”


Alka Shingwekar, feminist, MBA in Finance, California State U, East Bay, 45 yrs experience; 2 yrs research Behavioral Psychology  10/5/2018

This set of recovery tips & stages was in answer to the Q:
How do you manage emotional triggers after narcissistic abuse?

QUOTEs: “Trying to explain (to a ‘civilian’) the secret living hell you were put through by an abusive narcissist is like trying to explain color to a blind person.”

“I never knew how strong I was until I had to forgive someone who wasn’t sorry, & accept an apology that never came!”


QUOTEs: “It’s okay that you don’t know how to move on. Start with something easier = like not going back!”

“Hard truth : you cannot change things by loving them harder.”

QUOTEs: “I release attachment to all negative things from the past year. I prepare for & welcome new changes, new lessons & new adventures. I welcome new opportunities to grow emotionally, mentally & spiritually.”

‘You have the right to receive the love you keep trying to give everyone else.”

QUOTEs: “Subconsciously – it takes at least 6-8 months process forgiveness toward someone who has hurt you emotionally”

“Hang on – it gets easier. Then it gets okay. Then it becomes freedom”

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3 thoughts on “RECOVERING from Narc Abuse – STAGES

  1. Each time I read those invaluable story’s I feel s wave of complete disappointment In myself ,but also realization


    • Be gentle with yourself – the damaged part of us made our old choices – & those were based on childhood programming from birth. Now we can learn to pick better. No self-hate ‘allowed”- it slows down healing.


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