RECOVERING from Narc Abuse (Part 1)

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BOOK : Powerful Questions for Healing after Narc Abuse –
and 50+ Journal Prompts: N-Abuse Recovery Guided Workbook


✳️ There’s no way around grief. Processing the reality of a relationship with a narcissistic parent or partner involves grieving your losses.
As a partner, you grieve
– the person you fell in love with & thought you knew
– the promise of love you never got
– the time you spent hoping for something that never came
– the trust & intimacy that could never be.

Mourning those losses is deeply painful, and takes time.

Anger stages
1. At first, your anger will be directed at your abuser. It’s appropriate, but isn’t cleansing & may feel like being caught in a whirlpool – trapped & hopeless because there is no way to get fairness or justice.

2. Eventually, you will feel a different kind of anger – coming from an inside voice ready to protect you, to fight for your new life, to get your soul back & never let anyone mess with you ever again.

3. As you gradually release your anger, (in therapy, on paper, in AL-Anon, ACA, CODA, in prayer)…. you’ll have moments of hysterical laughter at the absolute absurdity of some of the Ns behaviors, who doesn’t deserve you wasting even one of your brain cells on a single thought about them. (Posts : Anger / Co-dep anger in us / Anger Triggers / Anger & Co-dependence )

You’ll also see the absurdity of your own behavior, – all the times you’ve tried to say or do something you hoped would stop what can never be stopped – their sickness. You will forgive & laugh at yourself.  You’ll know you’re healing when you start to feel safer & more at ease.


❣️ You can heal. Along with our capacity for suffering is a corresponding capacity for mending a broken spirit. Healing happens as we recognize the larger patterns at work in our lives, overcome denial, understand the reality of narcissism, & move through Grief Stages to a safer, easier state of being.


One thought on “RECOVERING from Narc Abuse (Part 1)

  1. Thank you again for the reality that faces me every day..
    Being stuck in a life of pure learned helplessness ..the vision I have reading this is of being in a car driving and looking up at the billboard ” you can change your life ” the only problem is Im in the back seat with the seatbelt on ..


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