WRITING for Personal GROWTH (#1)

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List of Online writing help

QUOTE: “Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, what’s important is that you’re having a relationship with your mind.” ∼ author Natalie Goldberg

Journaling requires the application of the analytical, rational left side of the brain. While that hemisphere is occupied, your touchy-feely, imaginative right side has the freedom to wander & play! Allowing the time & space for creativity to flourish & expand can make your life more interesting & enjoyable.

🕶 Creates Distance
…. mentally, between you & whatever event / problem you’re writing about. It helps you think about it more clearly, see it from a new angle & come up with options you didn’t think of before.
…. emotionally, since being too triggered by a situation makes it hard to be objective
😅 Provides Relief – It’s a way to lighten the inner load you’re carrying, almost as good as sharing it with a trusted friend or confidant
✍️ Keeps you focused – When you want to work out a stressor or practical problem, it counters being scattered or distracted, an excellent way to stay mentally on track

….. let JOURNALING keep you living in your head too much
….. turn you into a passive observer. Make sure you experience real life instead of just thinking about how to write about it
….. let it become an exercise in self-blame, instead of finding solutions
….. use it to focus only on the negative parts of your life
….. limit yourself to only one point of view about any topic. Also imagine ways that other people’s motives may be very different from your own

JOURNALING can encourage you TO :
⁍Choose activities – If you have lots of potential interests, but can’t decide  which one to start with – spend a week everyday writing about each idea, & what you can do. Then pick one, & keep at it as long as it interests you
Explore the world – To write well & interestingly, it really helps to know something about the rest the world. Expand your knowledge of history, other cultures & customs, languages, art….

Identify goals – Writing down specific wishes, hopes & concrete goals make them easier to reach. Periodically review the list & your actions, considering ways to improve, but mainly to feel inspired & empowered by your progress.
Increase awareness – The more you explore & become interested in new ideas, the more you’ll find out what you truly believe in & want for your life

Improve listening – journaling is a place to listen to yourself. It not only helps organize & improve you thinking patterns, but makes it easier to pay careful attention to people’s conversations, increasing your connection to others
Progress your career – if writing is part of your job, then daily private journaling can improve business writing. This can make you better at communicate with co-workers & customers, boosting your career


TYPES of Journals (+ workbooks)
Choose ONE
you can focus on. You can always add others, temporarily, or at different times in life.
this site lists suggested workbooks to purchase for each category, prepared to make journaling simpler

Book – books you’ve read & what you thought about each (review?)
Bullet – list your interests & preferences (colors, pets, books, movies….)

– pour out hopes, dreams, deepest secrets
Dream – as soon as you wake up, as much or as little as you can, even if gratitudejust a ‘scene’s  or part of one

Food – everything you eat each day. How did it make you feel & what did you like / not like abut it (physically)?. Recipes, fav restaurants, photos…..
Gratitude – helps focus on the good things in life, in spite of difficulties
One LINE a day – just 1 thought – keeping it simple, especially when you’re busy or stressed

Projects – list completed projects & future ideas, with photos. Can keep you inspired & focused on creativity
Self-Development – for accountability & motivation, used to identify track your progress & where you can improve

Travel – treasure all your memories, especially the highlights
Vision – let yourself dream of possibilities – outside the box.

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