BEING LOVED – Parents (Part 3)

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SITE : “5 Ways to be a Positive Role Model

 QUOTE: “They say that what you love doing most before the age of 10 is the best indicator of what your life’s passion will be….

⬅️  Seasons exist for a reason. There’s a huge difference between holding & clinging. We can hold on in good faith to relationships, beliefs & attitudes that have served us well, even through challenging times
but when we cling to them with a death grip – when they no longer serve us – we can’t receive or embrace anything new & wonderful.” ∼ Beth Briggs

It’s likely that none of us received the love & safety we needed from our family – regardless of the reason.  The following lists identify what we had a right to – not because we’re better than anyone else but just because we’re here & are God’s creation. And God doesn’t make junk!

Now we can apply this info to how we treat ourselves – being our own Loving Parent & Healthy Adult (the UNIT) to heal & nurture both our Healthy and Wounded Inner Child (the WIC).
Then can we have these attitudes toward our external children, grandchildren & others in our life.

CAVAT: Although this list is in the form of Promises – as wounded Recovering people, we’re not in touch daily with our Inner Children, the way we need to be for the best growth outcome.
So promising the WIC that ‘everything will be OK’ & we’ll ‘take care of it’ – but then we forget to do it – is not being truthful & dependable, no matter how good our intensions. Un-kept promises tells our INNER that we’re not trustworthy – just like our parents. So then it won’t rely on or believe us.

It’s better to use this list as conscious ACTIVE WILLINGNESS, working toward incorporating the principles slowly one-day-at-a-time, without self-judgment.
• Posts: “Why RESIST Talking with the Inner Child?”
• Use WORKBOOK : “The Recovery of your Inner Child” ∼ Lucia Cappacchione

💞 How many of these qualities have you already made a part of your life?  Give yourself credit
for those, & work on adding in the others, slow & steady.

💞These verses are a great way to deal with all life’s stresses, no matter what our age.


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